Shoes on Sale: Executives Sound Off

“I’m very proud that our small segment of the footwear industry has been able to donate so much money to [breast cancer research]. I lost my mother to breast cancer, and my sister passed away from lymphoma. It’s very fulfilling to be involved with QVC Presents ‘FFANY Shoes on Sale.’ It’s not easy to always get more and more shoes from our FFANY companies. When the economy is difficult, companies cut back on their excess inventory. They take less risk. That means it’s harder for us to get donated product. In spite of that, we continue to generate large donations to our hospitals. I’m very proud of our organization and what we have achieved.” — Danny Schwartz, CEO, Schwartz & Benjamin

“I am always inspired to support Shoes on Sale because it’s such a worthy cause. I am thrilled to be able to offer Vince Camuto footwear and to do our part in furthering the breast cancer research and education that positively impacts the lives of so many women each year.” — Vince Camuto, chairman and CEO, Camuto Group

“I lost my mother to breast cancer, but it’s also something that hits very close to home for most people. For the past 12 years, Saks has been extremely dedicated to supporting breast cancer research through our annual Key to the Cure campaign. We’re very proud to support Shoes on Sale in its efforts to raise awareness and help fund breast cancer research facilities across the nation. Events such as Shoes on Sale are extremely important to our industry, and it’s vital that we continue to work together to help find a cure and raise awareness for this important cause.” — Tracy Margolies, VP and DMM of women’s shoes, Saks Fifth Avenue

“There is not a company, community or family that has not been touched by breast cancer. Each of us has his or her own story, but the broader story is that we know we can really change people’s lives now with breast cancer research and education. Jimlar is proud of its long history in helping these breakthroughs. Jimlar is a double-platinum sponsor again [of Shoes on Sale], and we are also providing different styles from Frye, Coach and Calvin Klein Collection for the designer shoe salon on the evening of the FFANY event in New York. We know consumers will find things to excite them in the selection, as we have selected some of our best styles to help Shoes on Sale.” — Larry Tarica, president, Jimlar Corp.

“My business is about taking care of women, and breast cancer affects women. Fortunately, I can say that in my immediate family, I have not had the cancer that has happened to other people. But with a wife and daughter, it’s always a concern for me. As a company, we always try to give back. It’s not about making money, it’s about what you use money to help.” — Donald Pliner, designer

“It’s so gratifying to know that with this year’s benefit, the proceeds are expected to reach new levels of support. So many women in our industry have benefited so greatly from this funding through a wide variety of organizations and foundations. This year, particularly, we’re thrilled to [acknowledge] the FFANY Jodi Fisher Humanitarian Award, which is such a fitting legacy to Jodi and her passion for this wonderful event.” — Patti Cohen, SVP of marketing and corporate affairs, Nina

“[Breast cancer is] a cause that is very important to solve for women. We have made a lot of progress. Women have a 92 percent success rate if it’s caught early. If we can cure it, it’s a home run. I’ve been providing shoes since [Shoes on Sale] started, and I will not stop until we a find a 100 percent cure.” — Andre Assous, president, Ahhh … Andre Inc.

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