Retailers Weigh In on Micam

“It seems blue is the new black and espadrilles are the new cork.” — Ron White, owner of Ron White – The Foot Shoppe in Toronto, Canada

“I am here trying to find new designers, mid-heels, rose gold uppers and strong colors.” — Maria Lobanova, buyer for Spazio 44 in Novosibirsk, Russia

“We want access to more than just the edit offered to us by Australian agents carrying European brands.” — Michelle Dillon, owner of Shoes in the Attic in Sydney, Australia

“Overall trends at Micam mirror the trends we see domestically — espadrilles, wedges and flats. As an industry, we are prone to overcompensate on a trend or direction and that was the case at Micam.” — Billy Lawson, owner of Shoe Inn, with locations in New York and New Jersey

“This was my first trip back to Micam in about seven years. We have been going to directly to factories in Italy. What I saw was higher heels, high-heel wedges and flats. I saw very few espadrilles and not a lot of wood. I spent the entire time looking for mid-heel shoes for the middle-aged customer. I believe that the euro is still valued too high, but the last time I was in Italy the euro was around $1.59 so [its current value] $1.30 now seems like a bargain.” — Rick Ravel, president of Karavel Shoes in Austin, Texas

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