Retailers Weigh in on Louboutin

Jonathan Joselove
SVP & GMM, Neiman Marcus
“Our customers love their Louboutins because they are the ultimate feminine sexy shoe in their closets. Christian is really passionate about the details, and he is incredibly prolific and constantly evolving, which is why our assortments keep getting more compelling each season.”

Jeffrey Kalinsky
Founder, Jeffrey New York/Atlanta; EVP of designer merchandising, Nordstrom
“His brilliance, the sophistication and the joy he brings to his footwear set him apart. If a woman wears a Christian Louboutin shoe today, she feels validated. When people are spending their money today, they want to feel validated. Christian puts his stamp of approval on the wearer.”

Tracy Margolies
VP & DMM of women’s footwear, Saks Fifth Avenue
“Women look and feel good in [Christian’s] shoes. He stands apart because of his innovation in design and originality with use of materials.”

Carolyn Butler
Owner, Footcandy
“His shoes are just out of this world. Just like Madonna reinvents herself, he does it with shoes. Just when I think he can’t come up with something that blows my mind again, he does. He is always designing, always thinking. His shoes are just so beautiful, and he is a really nice person, and maybe that’s what sets him apart. He doesn’t have an attitude. He’s so successful and it has never gone to his head.”

Todd Hanshaw
DMM of fashion, Wynn Las Vegas
“Christian is so popular with his customers because he has kept himself in touch with his customers and has always maintained a cool edge to his designs. With every collection you can see his inspiration. He is comfortable with his talent and knows how to project his thoughts in his shoes. He really is the cool kid — a little quirky — but always true to himself and his brand.”

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