John Fluevog Creates Hotel Shoe

Canadian shoe designer John Fluevog will be certain to get VIP service at Canada’s Opus Hotels these days.

The designer and retailer, who’s celebrating his 40th anniversary this year, has partnered with the edgy hotel group to shod its staff of valets and male guest service associates with a special-edition shoe. Fluevog, known for his whimsical approach to design, has created a two-tone oxford in black and the hotel’s signature pink.

The retro-inspired style was the joint effort of Fluevog and hotel owner John Evans. The two mixed children’s paints until they created the perfect hue for the Opus Hotels Porter Shoe, which will grace the lobbies and hallways of its hotels in Vancouver and Montreal (as well as appear on mini-bar menus).

Beginning this week, valet wannabes can snag a pair of their own on Fluevog’s Website, Fluevog.com, and in the designer’s stores in Canada and the U.S. The hotel shoe retails for $279.

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