Jennifer Stone’s Good Taste

Jennifer Stone is one busy actor. The 17-year-old is wrapping up her third season as Harper Finkle on the hit Disney series “Wizards of Waverly Place” and just appeared in the TV movie “Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars.” As if that’s not enough, Stone is also finishing up her senior year of high school. Here, she shares idea of a great weekend, her love for all things musical and why she walks just a little taller in a pair of high heels.

If I could have any superpower…
I would want to read people’s thoughts.

The trend I hope never goes away…
Mixing masculine and feminine pieces. I love pairing sweet floral pieces with leather jackets. That’s my style in a nutshell.

My guilty pleasure:
Watching “Gossip Girl.”

My greatest accomplishment:
The work I’ve done on “Wizards of Waverly Place.” I came into this opportunity not knowing how to do comedy, and I worked really hard to gain insight [in that] realm.

Ideal weekend plans:
I’m so boring! Watching a movie from Netflix on Friday, grabbing lunch and a movie with friends on Saturday, and having brunch and hitting some flea markets with friends on Sunday.

My favorite movie:
“Stage Door,” featuring Ginger Rogers and Katherine Hepburn.

My hidden talent:
I’m a musical theater junkie, so if I’m alone in my car I’ll usually bust out a tune.

High heels make me feel…
Transformed! I shuffle when I walk and my posture is terrible, but I get that little Marilyn [Monroe] wiggle when I walk in heels.

Favorite pair of shoes:
I have these Miu Miu shoes that I loved so much that I wore them until they broke. They’re black and gold and there is a teacup handle at the heel. I’m a big Lewis Carroll fan, and they remind me of “Alice in Wonderland.”

When I need a good laugh…
I watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” As soon as it starts, I just die laughing.

I couldn’t live without:
My iPod. I’m such a music person, from Jay Z to Nat King Cole to obscure folk music and even music in other languages.

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