Jaclyn Smith’s Good Taste

Jaclyn Smith has built a long-lasting legacy.

Before celebrity fashion labels became the norm, the former Breck Girl and “Charlie’s Angel” partnered with Kmart to bow an eponymous lifestyle collection. Twenty-five years later, the actress and mother has built one of the most enduring celebrity lines and become Kmart’s most recognized brand.

Now Smith is looking for new ways to broaden a product mix that already spans shoes, accessories, bedding, dinnerware and Christmas ornaments. She’s eyeing higher heels for the footwear offering — which includes sandals, pumps and boots priced under $30 — and has rolled out a more fashion-forward anniversary clothing collection.

Her empire beyond Kmart is also growing through several hair care, workout and fabric collaborations and a namesake skin care line.

And Smith hasn’t forgotten about television. The 65-year-old actress is in talks with fellow former “Angel” Cheryl Ladd to develop a half-hour sitcom.

Here, she opens up about building a happy home and her own fashion role model.

Easiest way to spice up a dinner table: “Candles, flowers and colorful napkins.”

All-time favorite pair of shoes:
“Brown Jil Sander suede lace-up ankle booties.”

I unwind by …
Spending time with family, running with the dog, bicycling, making cookies. “I like unstructured time.”

What I’d grab in a fire:
“Love letters my parents wrote to each other during World War II.”

The movie I can quote by heart: “Gone with the Wind”

Is the 1970s fashion revival a hit or a miss? Hit. “Tapered bell bottoms with platforms really make you look long and lean.”

One food I can’t live without: Hamburgers. “I’m married to a heart surgeon, but I won’t give those up.”

One haircut I regret: “A ducktail when I was a little girl. I was a ballerina and couldn’t get it into
a bun.”

Favorite flowers: Gardenias and roses. “I like Victorian arrangements when they are all kind of unarranged.”

Favorite role: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in a TV movie. “I really admire how she lived her life. It wasn’t all out there on the front page.”

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