Hi-Tec Sports, Magnum Split Up

Hi-Tec Sports USA and sister brand Magnum USA have transitioned into two separate companies.

The Modesto, Calif.-based groups have operated as one corporation with shared assets since their launch in 1982, and were overseen by co-CEOs Bill Berta and Bob Kaiser.

Now, with expansion plans for both brands under way, Berta will lead Hi-Tec Sports and Kaiser will head Magnum.

To support the new organizations, other personnel changes have been made as well. Brett Weitl, marketing director for Magnum and Hi-Tec Sports, has been named marketing director for Magnum. Joining him as the newly named national sales manager is Tyler Pientok, whose background includes sales in the tactical market.

Hi-Tec Sports has appointed Erika Bruhn as marketing director, and Kirk Nichols to the post of U.S. VP of sales.

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