Heelys Introduces Two-Wheel Style

Heelys has a new set of wheels.

The Carrollton, Texas-based company next month will roll out a new shoe style called the Hx2, aimed at a younger market. Unlike Heelys’ current single-wheel styles, the Hx2 features two removable wheels in each shoe, making it easier for younger kids to maintain balance. It also does not require as much leg strength for heel skating. Two-wheel versions of Heelys have been popular in Japan for some time, with sales last year surpassing 300,000 pairs. However, the Hx2 marks the first two-wheel Heelys style available in the North American market.

“We’re confident that our young customers will find the Hx2 both easy to use and fun,” said Tom Hansen, Heelys’ CEO.

As kids get more confident in their skating, the shoe can be converted into a regular pair of Heelys for a more challenging ride by removing one of the wheels. In addition, the shoe can be turned into a street shoe by popping out both wheels.

Although the Hx2 is targeted to kids, Heelys plans to add larger sizes for adults later this fall. “We’re making larger sizes for moms and dads who want to join in the fun and get some exercise,” said Rick Groesch, VP of brand engagement for Heelys.

The Hx2, available in sizes 12 to 3, will retail for $55 at a wide range of retailers including Zappos.com.

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