FN Picks: Hello Stiletto… Puma’s Score Board…

>> Party Wear

Looking to show off? The Hello Stiletto Shoe Club is hosting an event that will let you do just that. The group’s 2010 Shoe Ball in Chicago, which will take place Nov. 19, gives attendees the opportunity to win prizes for wearing their wildest pair of kicks on the club’s signature pink carpet, while also raising funds for the Accelerated Cure Project, a nonprofit dedicated to curing multiple sclerosis. Founded in 2004, Hello Stiletto hosts 15 to 25 parties a year for shoe lovers in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas. “The club is all about people feeling free to express themselves by wearing [shoes] they normally wouldn’t be able to wear,” said Melissa O’Shea, president of Hello Stiletto. More info about Chicago’s upcoming Shoe Ball can be found on Shoeclub.com. Gerald Flores

>> Customs by Kobi

Kobi Levi is turning shoes into wearable works of art. The Israel-based designer, who crafts one-of-a-kind, made-to-order creations that can be worn on the street or collected as art pieces, uses anything from slingshots to sidewalk gum as his muse. “Inspiration can come from simply everything. An idea or image comes up and I just decide to explore it,” Levi said. “Each design has its own story.” Levi’s custom heels can be viewed on Kobilevidesign.blogspot.com, and requests can be made by e-mailing him at Kobilvi@012.net.il. G.F.

>> Scoring Points

Puma is letting people keep score on just about anything. The brand’s latest online and mobile application, now in its beta stage, lets users create a scoreboard for any two items (iPhones vs. Blackberries, Chocolate vs. Peanut Butter, Republicans vs. Democrats), which are voted on by the website’s visitors. Puma chief marketing officer Antonio Bertone is hoping that the app will be a daily addiction for consumers. “The competitions taking place right now on Life Score Board range from the profound to the absurd,” Bertone said. “But it’s really a reflection of what people are talking about in their everyday lives.” Place your votes at Lifescoreboard.com. G.F.

>> Drop It Like It’s Hot

Sneaker culture and snowboarding may be more related than you think. Snowboarding accessory-maker Drop launched its Laced Up collection this season, which takes inspiration from classic athletic shoes. “Come to a snowboard trade show and see how many people are showing off their latest sneaker finds,” said senior designer Chris Gougeon. “The sneaker and snowboarding worlds definitely have a connection.” He added that the gloves’ fingertips take influence from the toe-cap of a Nike Dunk, and the lacing system was inspired by Vans sneakers. Retailing for $65, the gloves can be ordered at Dropmfg.com. G.F.

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