Cold-Weather Necessities According to Mom

With the winter season in full effect, cold climates have sent moms looking for boots to keep their children’s feet protected. Brands are touting many waterproof offerings, but what features top mothers’ lists? Here, Footwear News polled moms to find out what’s most important in the cold.

1. Angela
Staffordshire, England
Children: Daughter, 6
Winter-boot necessities: “I go for practicality, so I like to see if they’re waterproof, warm and have good grips at the bottom. When I go to buy them, I like for the people at the store to measure and fit my daughter’s feet. It makes the whole process easier, but it’s rare to find that these days.”
How much and how often: “On average, I spend about $80 [on a pair of winter boots]. Her feet grow fast, so I usually buy two pairs of boots and two pairs of rainboots [a year].”
Favorite store: Naturino

2. Sharon
Children: Daughter, 6; son, 9
Winter-boot necessities: “I like style, good soles and a good price. Patent leather is nice because it’s durable. I don’t like stuff that scuffs easily.”
How much and how often: “I don’t like spending more than $50. At most, I buy three pairs a year.”
Favorite stores: Stride Rite, Target, Century 21

3. Claudia
Mexico City, Mexico
Children: Daughter, 9; son, 6
Winter-boot necessities: “They need to be waterproof. I like to see if they’re warm and comfortable. [My children] wear a uniform, so the color of the boots is sometimes an issue.”
How much and how often: “I spend about $30 to $50, and I buy two to three pairs a year for both of them.”
Favorite stores: Stride Rite, Payless ShoeSource, Geox

4. Geetha
Tamil, Sri Lanka
Children: Daughter, 3; son, 6
Winter-boot necessities: “The first thing [I look for] is how warm they are. But they also need to have good traction and be comfortable because [my children] run around a lot.”
How much and how often: “I spend around $55 a pair. I usually get two pairs for each [of my children].”
Favorite stores: Foot Locker, Skechers

5. Kate
Melbourne, Australia
Children: Son, 2
Winter-boot necessities: “They need to be waterproof and comfortable. [My son will like them] as long as they don’t look like something a farmer would wear.”
How much and how often: “I spend $40 for a pair and get two pairs a year. It’s hard to find attractive boots at that price.”
Favorite stores: Zappos.com or Piperlime.com

6. Seong
South Korea
Children: Son, 7
Winter-boot necessities: “They need to be warm and good for the snowy days. He usually likes wearing sneakers all year round, so I get him the Nike boots.”
How much and how often: “I spend around $30 for just one pair a year.”
Favorite store: Nike

7. Julie
New York
Children: Son, 7; daughter, 9
Winter-boot necessities: “My daughter likes Ugg boots because they’re stylish. It’s also important that they’re warm and waterproof. Patent leather is good because it’s repellent.”
How much and how often: “I spend $50 to $100 for just one pair for each of my kids. They grow out of them really quick, so we give them to friends who have kids, or we recycle them.”
Favorite stores: Zappos.com, Harry’s Shoes

8. Carla
New York
Children: Daughter, 8
Winter-boot necessities: “The important thing is that they’re waterproof. I got my daughter a pair of Skechers this year, and they didn’t fit her feet. Payless turned out better for her.”
How much and how often: Less than $50 for one pair a year
Favorite store: Payless ShoeSource

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