Brooks Revamps Online Presence

Brooks is taking its web presence to the next level.

Next week, the Bothell, Wash.-based running company, a division of Omaha, Neb.-based Berkshire Hathaway, will roll out a completely refreshed website and e-commerce site designed to support its “Run Happy” mission statement.

The goal, according to the company, is to not only upgrade its current merchandising capabilities but overhaul its search feature to make finding product easier, dramatically increase the rich media content, including videos and reviews, and more fully integrate the brand’s own site with its social media ventures.

“We want to tell the Brooks story better,” corporate communications manager Tamara Hills said. “And that means telling the product story better and telling the brand story better.”

The new look of the website was created in conjunction with local digital agency Live Area Labs over the course of the last year. The focus, Web director Meredith Han said, was to support Brooks’ $1 billion growth plan by making the site accessible to new groups of runners and other consumers.

“If we look back maybe two years at the people coming to the site, it was very apparent that they knew Brooks’ product already because they were searching by model name,” Han said. “And while we still want to cater to those people, as the brand branches out with things like the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series, the website has got to reflect that.”

To make that happen, the brand has created videos for product (Han said the goal would be to eventually have video for everything on the site) and has indexed items so that visitors will be able to sort by color, style, size and even inseam length for shorts and pants. The site will also continue to grow the content devoted to Brooks athletes and events.

“We always want to keep serving that core dedicated Brooks loyalist, but we also want to serve the fitness runners and the goal seekers out there,” Han said. “There are a lot of those runners, and we want to talk to those folks as well.”

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