Vendors Soundoff on Using Social Networking

“I’m starting right now to put together our holiday/seasonal e-mails. Every week we send out a weekly e-mail about the products, either highlighting the products or something new. I’ll start to work the Facebook stuff in there to be more direct — maybe do something day-to-day closer to the holidays, such as a countdown, telling people how much time they have left to buy things.” — Nicole LaFave, co-founder & creative director, Omelle

“There will be holiday Twitters because holiday shoes will come out, or we’ll be linking to other things. Just because holiday will be in the air [we’ll be on Twitter more], but in terms of big initiatives, I don’t foresee a lot of [Tweets in that arena].” — Elaine Pow, marketing director, Seychelles

“I can see myself Twittering more for the holiday season. Some people Twitter 10 to 15 times a day, [and] I try to Twitter as much as possible. We have an event in November with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, so we’ll definitely post Twitpics and things like that to promote the shoe.” — Victor Hsu, chief marketing officer, Jump

“I’m optimistic about Christmas. Our brand, through the Facebook page and through the other marketing, just keeps getting stronger. … It’s the combination of all the different vehicles working together that create that increase in sell-throughs.” — Ruthie Davis, designer and founder, Ruthie Davis

“We have a really exciting international campaign that will hit early 2010 that will be an international social media explosion. It’s top secret. And it will also impact not only Pastry’s Internet strategy but our retailers as well.” — Jan Harvey, VP of marketing, Pasty Footwear

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