Street Talk: Sale Searching

Shops around the country are back to selling merchandise at full price after months of massive pre- and post-holiday promotions and sales.

After discounts that peaked as high as 90 percent off, are shoppers changing their spending habits? Footwear News talked to locals and tourists on the streets of Philadelphia to find out.

1. Roxanne Barnyak
“I’ll still pay full price if I need something and it’s stylish and exactly what I’m looking for, but I’m going to think twice.”
Favorite brands: Bass, Privo

2. Jill Gelvin
“I always look for things on sale. But for shoes, it’s different. I’ll probably still pay full price because it’s a fashion thing. Women still have to have shoes.”
Favorite brands: Enzo Angiolini, BCBG

3. Barbara Whelan
“Sales have always been my thing. If it’s a good price and looks nice, I’ll get it. And because of the economy, you definitely need to prioritize your buying.”
Favorite brands: Steve Madden, Nike

4. Sabrina Boyd
“I make it a life habit not to pay retail for anything if I can help it. I have three kids in college, so that makes a difference.”
Favorite brand: Clarks

5. Laura Stevens
“I’m a flip-flop kind of girl, but when I do shop, I’m enticed by good sales. The economy hasn’t changed that.”
Favorite brands: Reef, Skechers

6. Rose James
“I always look for a bargain. If it’s something I really like, I might pay full price. Or I’ll go back to the store every week to check if it’s gone on sale.”
Favorite brands: Rangoni, Nine West

7. LeShonya McNeil
“I’m the person who goes into a store and makes a beeline for the sale rack. I’ve always found that I can find fashionable shoes if I dig enough.”
Favorite brands: “I’m not a label person. If I like it, I’ll pick it up.”

8. Sarah Balch
“I’ve always been a bargain shopper. Even at the higher-end stores I head for the sale rack. I like the challenge of finding a great piece for a great price, so I don’t think I’ll suffer sticker shock.”
Favorite brands: Sam Edelman, Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole

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