ShopTalk: Moxsie.com, Camper

Moxsie.com Clicking
Since launching an online sneaker shop in April, Palo Alto-Calif.-based Moxsie.com is looking to take its micro-shop format even further.

“We just opened the jewelry shop, and a dress shop is to come,” said Jon Farhner, CEO of Moxsie.com, which is devoted to selling undiscovered and independent designers. “We’ve realized that the idea of making a property that’s concentrated in one category that consumers can share and pass as a unit is much more effective.”

The sneaker shop has taken off thanks to a very eager consumer, said Farhner. “We’re going after the alpha customer. This customer enjoys the hunt and the discovery and wants to be the first one in their group of friends to wear something,” said Farhner.

The sneaker shop stocks brands such as Generic Surplus, Sneaky Steve and Greedy Genius. “All these brands have a great story, and we’re really trying to find not just the rare styles, but the rare brands,” said Farhner. “A lot of what we have is what most people have yet to discover.”

Camper Expands
Camper has some new luxe neighbors in New York. The brand is set to bow a second store in New York on June 20, at 635 Madison Ave. at 59th Street, next to stores including Calvin Klein and Barneys.

The new door will open under the “Walk in Progress” design concept, which tries to create an interactive space, with furnishings crafted from recycled materials, such as tables made from shoe boxes. The white walls of the store will likely be a big draw — customers will be encouraged to write inspiring messages and thoughts on them throughout the store.

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