Retailers React to Paris Collections

Top buyers weigh in on the spring footwear trends in Paris.

Bridget Cosgrave, Fashion & Buying Director, Matches, London Strongest Trends:

• Refined ethnic influences • Mixes of color such as red and gold with leopard print or beading • Lots of metallics

Directional Styles:
“The new tribute from YSL with a triangular piece across the heel.”

Shift in Buying Strategy:
“We want to ensure that our customers are excited by what is on offer by buying into those more special, standout pieces. However, moving forward, we are definitely buying slightly lower heels and moving away from high, high platforms — it’s a slightly more refined aesthetic.”

Ones to Watch:
• Mechante • Pan e Tulipani for handmade beaten-up boots

Tracy Margolies, VP & DMM of women’s footwear, Saks Fifth Avenue Strongest Trends:
• Spring boots • Wedges • Mid-heels • Clogs • Sandal booties • Novelty materials in shoes (for instance, stretch jersey, mesh, lace, PVC and lucite heels)

Directional Styles:
“McQueen’s runway ‘armadillo’ shoes and the Jimmy Choo sandals that light up.” “Must-Carry” Styles from Paris:
• Givenchy’s stretch jersey sandals
• Camilla Skovgaard’s booties with tread bottom
• Christian Louboutin peep toe mesh pumps

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