Report: Same-Store Sales Outlook Still Bleak

Same store sales may show slight improvements in the coming period, but overall, most retailers will continue to struggle, according to ForecastIQ£, a service that tracks same-store sales for 27 retailers across the country including Nordstrom, Bon-Ton Stores, Gap and Banana Republic.

The company, which predicts consumer spending in a 75-day advance period, released some early reads on the period beginning Sept. 1. The company said that 17 of the 27 stores counted will show small increases, though most still will register negative comps. Among the stores that are likely to see an improvement are Aeropostale, Ross and TJX, while stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap and Saks Fifth Avenue are likely to see declines.

“Retailers that offer value continue to do well in an unforgiving economy,” said Greg Allenby, a professor at Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University, in a statement. “It appears that a new consumer mindset of thrift and practicality has emerged, changing the competitive landscape for retailers.”

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