Readers’ Choice: Global Expansion

We asked shoe players to tell us which international markets have the most consumer potential. Here are their top five choices and some recent developments in those areas.


Europe: 5%
Europe wasn’t even an option on the survey, but readers wrote in and said the continent is still a prime destination for expansion. And their plans there have been further aided by a recent EU decision to halt import tariffs.


Brazil: 8%
While there’s certainly a lot of fashion talent coming out of Brazil (see Alexandre Birman), other resources are finding their way into the country, especially to São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.


India: 10%
Skechers USA Inc. signed a licensing agreement in October that could put the brand in more than 75 stores in India. Meanwhile, Jimmy Choo is bowing a door in Bangalore in 2010.


Russia: 5%
The country was hit hard by the global recession, but for some shoe companies, such as Collective Brands Inc., that opened up an opportunity to present affordable fashion.


China: 59%
Though Congress has expressed concern over China’s manipulation of its currency, footwear firms, including Jones Apparel Group and Giuseppe Zanotti, continue to target the country for overseas expansion.

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