Q&A With Jennifer Cohen

Fitness guru Jennifer Cohen, author of the new workout guide No Gym Required, has teamed up with Pilot House International, Toronto, for a collection of biomechanical footwear under the NGR name. In an exclusive interview with FN, Cohen shares some of her trade secrets.
1. Do today’s fitness shoes really work your muscles and help wearers trim down and stay fit?
Yes. I’m very impressed with what I see and from the technology in today’s fitness footwear. Our NGR shoe is a great tool for people looking to improve their fitness and exercise at times when they aren’t working out with a personal trainer or at the gym. The weighted midsole gives the wearer the opportunity to get a resistance workout from everyday activity, which is a major attraction to the NGR brand, and what wellness shoes as a whole are looking to get across to the consumer.

2. How important is it for consumers to educate themselves on fitness shoes before they buy?
Extremely. Consumers need to know what the brand will do for them before they buy the shoes. Technological footwear needs to be communicated to the consumer, and they need to know what to expect. Product education is vital to the consumer and to the success of the brand. It is important that when the consumer enters a store or begins browsing their favorite shoe shopping website, there must be exciting and informative information on that brand. Retailers know the importance of the consumer education process. They are not just shoes anymore; they are a lifestyle choice.

3. How will you communicate the benefits of NGR at the consumer level?
We want to work closely with our retail partners to be sure that the message is clear. We plan to be involved in everything from assisting with point-of-sale [materials] to having me personally in the store. I will provide tips on wearing the shoes and the NGR workout routines. Wearing the footwear should be exciting for the consumer, so we want to present the brand in an exciting way. This is such a simple and easy way for people to exercise.

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