Inside Kim Myles’ Closet

Kim Myles, host of HGTV’s “Myles of Style,” believes good design can transform people’s lives. Whether the 35-year-old interior designer is redecorating a viewer’s living room or choosing the perfect pair of shoes to wear on air, Myles’ eclectic-but-sophisticated design aesthetic comes through.

“I think of my [wardrobe] style as classic with a twist,” she said. “I like clean lines, simple, ladylike shapes and really funky, unexpected color combos and accessories.”

While Los Angeles-based Myles admitted that comfort is a priority when it comes to her off-camera shoes, which include brands such as Dansko, Birkenstock and Havaianas, her footwear alter-ego takes over on screen. “I make it a point to always be in a dress and heels for the show’s opening, and then again at the [room makeover] reveal,” she said. “Having a sense of occasion is important, and I love the opportunity to dress up.”

On work days, she favors black slacks, three-quarter-sleeve shirts and Kork-Ease platforms. “It’s a simple uniform that allows me to work in comfort while still looking polished,” she said. “And now that I’m in California [after 12 years in New York], I also spend a lot of time running around in my flip-flops when I’m not on set. I guess all the sunshine is going to my head.”

Pairs owned: 25

Brands owned:
Aldo, BCBG, Birkenstock, Chinese Laundry, Dansko, Diesel, Halé Bob, Havaianas, Jessica Simpson, Kork-Ease, Report Signature, Seychelles and Steve Madden, among others

Organization strategy:
“I have a set of black shelves in my closet that display all my pairs. It’s like a candy store.”

All-time favorite shoes:
“Jessica Simpson nude leather-wrapped platform peep-toes. They go with everything. They make my short little legs look almost long, and they are ridiculously comfortable despite
having a 4-inch heel.”

Most comfortable pair:
“My Dansko black leather clogs with a closed heel. These shoes are perhaps the most comfortable on the planet. I can stand all day, run around town and still feel like my feet are brand new at 9 p.m.”

Most uncomfortable pair: “My Chinese Laundry pumps in jelly-bean green. They were so adorable I just had to have them, even though they’re a half size too small. Don’t blame the shoe, blame the girl.”

Biggest mistake: “I used to run around in these giant clunky ‘Kiss’-style boots. I’m talking black leather, 6-inch block platform bottom and a zipper to the knee. I was in my late 20s, and I now believe that it’s a style best left to those still in their teens. Those boots were ugly, heavy and basically really silly looking, but man did they make me tall.”

Favorite on-screen pair: “Halé Bob red peep-toe slingback stilettos. They’re just fierce. They are so sexy, and when I slip them on, I instantly feel powerful, beautiful and super stylish. They’re my magic shoes.” 

Favorite off-screen pair:
“It’s a toss up between my Havaianas flip-flops and my Birkenstock sandals. They’re both super comfy, and now that I live in sunny Los Angeles, it’s nice to just slide into either pair and run out the door. Although, they both make regular pedicures mandatory.”

Go-to travel shoe: “My Dansko clogs. They’re comfortable, easy to slip off at the airport security line and, paired with fuzzy socks, they keep my feet warm on the plane.”

Favorite athletic shoes: “Nike Air Rifts with Velcro closures. I love these because they’re no-fuss, lightweight and sassy. It’s as close as I’ve come to feeling barefoot while wearing a sneaker.”

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