Inside Electra Mustaine’s Closet

Eleven-year-old Electra Mustaine knows a thing or two about the spotlight.

Not only is she the co-host of the Itty Bitty Buddies segment on Animal Planet’s “Faithful Friends” series, but her dad, Dave Mustaine, is a guitarist and lead singer of the legendary heavy metal group Megadeth.

Between building her career, filming episodes for “Faithful Friends,” horseback riding competitively and attending school, Electra Mustaine is constantly on the go. So she needs a shoe wardrobe that can keep up with her busy lifestyle. Her choice of kicks, Mustaine said, depends on the occasion. “If I’m going out to dinner at a nice sushi restaurant, I’ll wear dressy flats or little heels. Otherwise, I like to wear Converse or something comfortable, like flip-flops,” she said.

And the self-described tomboy isn’t afraid to throw on her Muck boots and get a little dirty when tending to her seven horses. “I’m not really a girly girl,” she said.

Here, Mustaine gives Footwear News a peek inside her California closet.

Hometown: La Mesa, Calif.

Personal style: “I’m more of a tomboy. I don’t care if I step in mud or something — I’ll just wipe it off my shoes. When it rains and I have to take care of my horses, I wear these red Muck boots that I can stomp around in. And for clothes, I like soft, vintage T-shirts and jeans.”

Pairs owned: 14

Favorite brands: “I really like Converse, Puma and Juicy Couture. I also have a cool pair of yellow Etnies.”

Organization strategy: “Right now, they’re all on little shelves, but we’re planning on redoing my closet so they’ll be all nice and neat in there.”

Whose style do you admire? “I like [Disney actress] Demi Lovato’s style — she always wears the coolest hats. I also think Miley Cyrus is fun and funky. Actually, I like my brother’s style, too. He’s not really into skateboarding, but he wears cool Etnies and checkered Vans.”

Favorite pair: “Probably the ones I normally wear every day, which are my brown Converse sneakers. They don’t have laces, so they slip on easily. They’re really comfortable, so I can wear them when I play soccer. I also have black Converses with rhinestones that look like little diamonds on the tip of the toe.”

Favorite on-set look: “I bring my own shoes and clothes and I let the [directors] pick what would go best. But one time, I was doing a scene [on “Faithful Friends”] with this big, white ostrich egg where I was wearing a pink-and-brown tiger-striped skirt with brown leggings. My mom bought me a pair of nice white shoes to go with the outfit. It looked good.”

Shopping buddy: “Normally, I go shopping with my mom. My friends and I aren’t old enough to go shopping by ourselves.”

Pair you aspire to wear: “I like to wear heels, but I’m not allowed to unless it’s a special occasion.”

Favorite dressy pair: “For holidays and dressy occasions, I have these black flats with diamond stitching and metal studs on them. They’re really cute.”

Pair you could never part with: “My riding boots from when I was little. I got them when I was a toddler.”

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