In the Know: Las Vegas VIP Access

If you want to get into the hottest hot spots in Vegas, here’s who can make it happen.

Nancy Rosu

Affiliation: Rosu Shop & Style

Duties: Personal shopping and styling, styling for magazine photo shoots and special events.

Celebrity clients: Rosu is the only styling agency that promises 100 percent confidentiality.

What she can do for you:
Rosu’s “Fashion in a Box” program actually puts her staff in their clients’ most personal space — their closets. Each week, she sends high-end clients shipments of styled outfits, including purses, fragrances and, of course, shoes. “Then we go to their home and put it in the ‘new’ section of their closets,” she said. “Each outfit is wrapped up exactly how I want them to wear it.” (Designers who want Rosu to feature their items can e-mail her at designers@
nancyrosu.com.) Rosu’s company prides itself on being “seen and not heard,” as her busy clients already have a lot going on. She said, “They don’t need to also think about clothes.”

David McIntyre

Affiliation: VP of food and beverage, MGM

Duties: Can handle meal reservations, prepare a special menu, coordinate an event or find a particular ingredient.

Celebrity clients: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Gwen Stefani, Bill Clinton and Nicolas Cage have dined at MGM restaurants.

What he can do for you: McIntyre claims his department will do anything for guests. “We’ve traveled to Chicago to find a type of pizza a guest asked for, created dishes from recipes from their parents for home-cooked meals and shipped in obscure ingredients from China for their holistic properties,” he said. In the meantime, he’s also orchestrated several weddings and private events, all while overseeing MGM’s restaurants, which range from casual dining to ultra high-end, such as the famous Joel Roubachon, where dinner checks average $500. Recently, McIntyre reduced the price on many wines and created value-conscious menus because of the weakening economy.

Mike Snedegar

Affiliation: Entertainment marketing, Tao at the Venetian and Lavo at the Palazzo

Duties: His Vegas connections can lift you to VIP status, get you the best table at Tao or Lavo for dinner and at the clubs afterward and shield you from the paparazzi.

Celebrity clients: Snedegar has arranged parties for Madonna, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez and Perez Hilton.

What he can do for you: Even in a recession, Snedegar says people can still have fun in Sin City. “Everyone still needs an escape,” he said. “They just may not spend as much.” To start, he recommends that groups wanting table reservations call the marketing offi ce directly, at 702-388-8588, or befriend a VIP host. Then, try to have both dinner and drinks at the same place (he said Tao and Lavo are “one-stop shops”). “Enjoy an amazing dinner. Then just head upstairs. It makes your night so much easier.”

Stuart Ingerman

Affiliation: Director of customer development, the Venetian and Palazzo

Can assist with logistics of high-level gaming, plan your next trip, organize show tickets, set you up for VIP treatment at the casinos’ spas, restaurants and nightclubs.

Celebrity clients:
A-list celebrities, athletes, successful business people

What he can do for you: High-level gamers earn access to the services of casino VIP hosts like Ingerman. “Whether it’s getting my customers front-row tickets to the ‘Jersey Boys’ show and backstage tours with the cast or flying my clients down to Los Angeles to sit next to Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers during a big game, I can and will make it happen,” he said. “I work 24/7.”

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