Execs Speak Out on WSA Dates

Matt Rubel, chairman and CEO of Collective Brands Inc.:
“Both shows are important for us and our customers. It is critical for and incumbent upon the shows to work together to better serve their constituents.”

William Weiss, director of sales, Hush Puppies USA.:
“The independent is the loser. They get less of an opportunity to see big corporate-sponsored images and less of a view of the [messages] brands are getting across,” he said, referring to the former big-booth presence many brands had at WSA.

Sonny Shar, president and CEO, Pentland USA:
“How can [vendors] be in two places at one time. We would need double samples.”

Chris DeMoulin, president, Magic Marketplace:
“We don’t have a comment on their dates, we just know that our goal is always to work with FFANY and the rest of the industry to set the most complementary dates for Magic and the footwear exhibitors at Magic.”

Victor Hsu, marketing director, Jump:
“Someone will budge I’m sure [and move their dates]. I guess we could split it up.  For us, we have our showroom here [in New York] and we’d go to C7 and Compass anyway. If it does happen that both shows do actually happen at the same time, they’re just going to be both lousy shows. It’s not a good move for anyone.”

Brad Bailey, president, Titan Industries Inc.:
“The way we need to approach WSA is that it has morphed into a regional show. No majors participate, and the overall attendance is in a state of continual decline. As far as the overlapping of WSA and FFANY, I can guarantee that Titan will not have a booth [in Las Vegas], but may attend the Venetian portion of the show with our aspirational brands. We will most definitely be at FFANY in our showroom.”

Richard Kelsey, president, Camuto Group’s Kensiegirl Footwear:
“I’m not sure what we would do. I would have to wait to see what management would decide.”

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