Disney Co-Stars Dish about their Shoe Styles

Budding actors Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson are partners in crime on the new Disney Channel show “Jonas,” and the two share a similar kinship offscreen in their love of fashion and footwear.

Twenty-year-old Staub treasures one-of-a-kind finds. “My grandma sends me these moccasins that you can only get on an Indian reservation. All the women wear them in the traditional Native American dances, and they are the most comfy shoes you’ll ever have in your life,” she said.

For 18-year-old Anderson, it’s all about practicality. “I buy a lot of basic pieces that can go with everything, and then I mix and match with my accessories and shoes. I like to make it my own.”

On “Jonas,” which debuts in May, the duo say they get to explore new styles through their characters.

“Stella is a lot like me in that she wakes up and decides what she wants to wear that day. She can go from a classic beret and scarf to a rocker look,” Staub said.

“I would totally wear the stuff that my character gets to wear on the show,” Anderson said of her sporty character, Macy. “It gives me ideas for when I go shopping.”

Name: Nicole Anderson
Age: 18
Hometown: St. Mary’s, Ga.
Pairs owned: 40
Personal style: “Cute, but comfortable.”
Favorite brands: Aldo, Minnetonka, Steve Madden and Urban Outfitters
Closet organization style: “I color-coordinate my closet. For shoes, I have a wall rack with all my ballet flats, and I line my boots up on the floor by height.”
Favorite place to bargain shop: “Steve Madden always has the best sale items, and I can find cute sandals for $30. Forever 21 also has cheap, cute shoes, but I wouldn’t wear those every day because you get what you pay for.”
Pair on wish list: “Miu Miu. They have the cutest flats.”
Favorite pair: “I mostly wear these brown loafers I got from Urban Outfitters. They have a kiltie on the front and look like university shoes. I feel so smart in them. And they’re incredibly comfortable.”
If you could take only one pair on a trip it would be: “It depends where I’m going. If I were going north, I would take my Ugg boots, but if I were going south, I’d take my Steve Madden brown sandals with jeweled straps.”
Best shoe fit: “The stylist on ‘Jonas’ gave me these cute cranberry-colored satin ballet flats. The first week I got them, I wore them every day.”
Most comfortable pair: “My black Converse. I wear them to work and I feel so casual and comfortable in them. I usually pair them with shorts or jeans.”
Shoe envy: “Chelsea has these awesome thigh-high leather motorcycle boots with rainbow threading. They’re crazy.”

Name: Chelsea Staub
Age: 20
Hometown: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Pairs owned: 60
Personal style: “Bohemian and hippy chic.”
Favorite brands: “I’m a huge boot girl — I love cowboy boots and motorcycle boots — so Frye is definitely the dominant brand in my closet. I think Nike has the best sneakers to work out in, and they make the best sneakers for girls.”
Closet organization style: “I have a nice, organized closet because I can’t function without being able to see my clothes. My closet is like a sanctuary to me. I have paintings in there and magazine cutouts for inspiration.”
Most recent purchase: “I just bought a pair of Hunter galoshes that I throw on even when it’s not raining. I love them.”
Biggest shoe frustration: “I love heels, but I love being comfortable. There is this whole trend going on with 7-inch stilettos, and those look cool in a picture, but it ruins the outfit when you’re holding your shoes because you can’t walk. I’d love to see the same cool styles in shoes that are comfortable and in heels that you can actually walk in.”
Brand you can’t get enough of: “I am a big fan of Ugg. There are five pairs in my dressing room right now because the wardrobe team caught on to my love of Ugg boots.”
Red carpet favorite: “I’m a huge fan of Nina’s dress shoes. They have mastered the perfect heel. And I recently got a nice pair of BCBG black pumps for the ‘Twilight’ premiere.”
Best shoe gift: “The fashion in the ‘Bratz’ movie was insane. I got to wear Marc Jacobs shoes and a lot of Betsey Johnson. I love her heels. The stylist gave me a really cool pair of turquoise velvet Betsey Johnson heels with rhinestones and feathers. I’m sure you’ll see them on a red carpet someday.”

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