Designers Reveal Their Great Escapes

Giuseppe Zanotti
Favorite summer getaway:
“I love the Seychelles Islands. This year during our vacation to Seychelles, we had a little party at our house on the beach. Great music, great friends, drinks and all-night dancing!”

Most looking forward to this fall: “New inspirations.”

Cesare Casadei
Favorite summer getaway:
“A well-kept secret little seaside place in Puglia, Italy. The ‘masseria’ is called La Peschiera and is in Capitolo-Monopoli, between Bari and Brindisi. This little resort has only 11 rooms, all facing the sea with beautiful terraces. During my holiday there I love to read fantasy comics.”

Most looking forward to this fall:
“This winter, I am most excited to see my customers wearing my favorite items: Cuissard boots, triple platform pumps with elastic bands over the neck of the foot. Creates such a sexy, bondage feel!”

Georgina Goodman
Favorite summer getaway:
“We take the whole of August as a family and escape to Ibiza, the north of the island, away from the ‘boom boom’ and ‘chi-chi’ beach beds to the natural beauty and rustic hidden beaches, coves and fish shacks. We stay in a magical family-run hotel called Can Talaias in a fabulous circular room with a terrace overlooking the hills to the sea, where the sun melts away the seasonal stresses.”

Most looking forward to this fall:
“Completing our business plan for the next stage of evolution as a brand. I see the difficult market situation as a fantastic opportunity to grow. And I always love London in late September with its Indian summer, when the leaves turn and fall.”

Rupert Sanderson
Favorite summer getaway: “Devonshire beaches and Tuscan skies.”

Most looking forward to this fall:
“Working with Karl Lagerfeld to design all the shoes for the Royal Opera House’s production of ‘Aida’ and working with great people to produce great shoes.”

Guillaume Hinfray
Favorite summer getaway:
“My old family house in Normandy. I need to regenerate myself in those peaceful and ancient walls … and see the endless horizon of the sea on the top of the cliffs. I found a great stock of old linen ‘torchons’ [dish towels] to do a limited-edition run of sexy pumps and, high point of all, a pair of wonderful 19th-century wooden clogs for my personal collection!”

Most looking forward to this fall:
“I’m full of energy after the summer break. I started to add some leather jewels to the shoe collection and I would love to do more … maybe a selection of handbags or leather goods. There is still a lot to do on those items in this moment.”

Christian Louboutin
Favorite summer getaway:
“[The beach] is the only moment when I allow myself to have tons of white wine at lunch and not freak out.”

Most looking forward to this fall:
“A vacation in Mozambique.”

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