Skechers Still Wants Heelys

NEW YORK — Skechers USA Inc. is still “very interested” in acquiring wheeled footwear company Heelys Inc. even after the latter rebuffed earlier this week Skechers’ $142.8 million offer to buy it.

Skechers Chairman and CEO Robert Greenberg said in a statement released Thursday morning, “We are disappointed in Heelys’ response to our proposal. We continue to believe our offer provides a full and fair value to Heelys’ stockholders and such a transaction would be in their best interests. We are particularly disappointed that, after repeated contacts over several months, Heelys will not agree even to discussions or provide us with an opportunity to conduct due diligence. We do not believe that such a refusal is in the best interests of Heelys’ stockholders.”

Greenberg said the firm is “very interested” in continuing a dialogue with Heelys and reiterated that it may “refine our proposal if additional value can be identified during the due diligence. The company’s interest remains genuine, and along with our advisers, we will continue to explore all our options.”

Heelys on Tuesday had rejected Skechers Aug. 13 bid after concluding it was not in shareholders’ best interests.

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