Shoe Execs Giving Back

NEW YORK — Footwear firms and Chinese producers are teaming up to host the fourth-annual Footwear Association Charity Event, a golf tournament that supports the welfare of China’s youth and impoverished citizens.

Slated for Oct. 29-31 in Zhongshan, China, the event is spearheaded by H.H. Brown, BBC International LLC and other industry firms in the U.S. and China. The goal this year is to raise $1 million for charities throughout China that are dedicated to improving the infrastructure of health care and education for Chinese children.

“It’s a wonderful thing that so many of the people in this industry have stepped up to help so many needy children in China,” said Jim Issler, CEO of H.H. Brown. “Thirty-five U.S. retailers, suppliers and other wholesalers, from Zappos.com to Wolverine World Wide to Shoe Buy, are giving money. The difference it’s making … is already being recognized by the central government and other people in that country.”

“It’s a great cause,” added Bob Campbell, president of BBC International. “We are giving children in China an opportunity to get the education they wouldn’t otherwise have.”

For more information, contact John Sweeney at sweeneyj@hhbrown.com.

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