Crocs Announces Escalator Safety Initiative

NEW YORK — Crocs Inc. wants to get the message out that its shoes are safe for your soles.

The Niwot, Colo.-based company announced Tuesday that it is launching an escalator safety awareness program beginning in the next few months and extending into next year.

“Consumer safety is very important to us,” said President and CEO Ron Snyder in a statement released Tuesday. “Escalator entrapments have occurred for more than 40 years, far longer than Crocs has been in business, and these accidents often are preventable.”

Last year, several reports surfaced across the United States about Crocs getting caught in escalators and causing injury to wearers, most of which were young children.

“Because the Crocs brand is so visible and so popular around the world, we have an opportunity to reach millions of consumers of all ages, including parents, with educational messages that will help draw attention to this important issue,” Snyder continued in the statement.

For the spring 2009 line, all crocs will come complete with a hangtag providing safety information on escalator usage such as “Avoid the sides of the steps where shoe entrapment can occur” and “Supervise children at all times.”

Additionally, the company plans to support movements toward changing escalator safety regulations, such as promoting the installation of side plates, to prevent injury and shoe entrapments when users first board an escalator.

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