Ugg’s New ‘Fluff Squad’ Kids’ Collection Is Irresistibly Quirky

Ugg's adorable Fluff Squad collection is inspired by a series of original characters.
Courtesy of brand

Ugg’s latest kids’ collection is packed with personality.

As part of its spring ’18 offering, the popular sheepskin brand has created a whimsical capsule of seven shoes, each inspired by a different original character. Targeted to both boys and girls, the new Fluff Squad collection includes sporty slip-on sneakers, sandals and soft-sole baby booties.

ugg-kids-fluff-squad Fluff Squad characters (L-R) Punki and Stacee. Courtesy of brand

Drawn from the diversity of its home state of California, Ugg’s Fluff Squad characters range from rock music lover Punki to free spirit Willow. The characters are brought to life with playful details including appliquéd facial features (think eyes, mouths, mustaches, sunglasses) as well as fluff and fringe accents. The collection taps into a major trend that’s sweeping the kids’ shoe scene: quirky face motifs. A number of other brands, from Fendi to Gucci, have gotten in on the action.

ugg-kids-fluff-squad The Punki sheepskin sandals. Courtesy of brand
ugg-kids-fluff-squad The Drex high-top sneaker. Courtesy of brand

Explaining the inspiration behind its new collection, Ugg said in a statement: “To appeal to the colorful imaginations of kids, we created the Ugg Fluff Squad. Each character represents a different personality: girly girls, rocker chicks, goofballs, old souls, young souls and bohemian spirits. The common thread that holds their unique personas together is that they are all free-spirited, optimistic and warm.”

ugg-kids-fluff-squad The Blinxie baby booties. Courtesy of brand


ugg-kids-fluff-squad The Willow slide sandals. Courtesy of brand

To engage with its young customers, Ugg’s website features fun profiles describing each character, from their favorite color and fashion preferences to their general likes and dislikes. Stacee, for instance, hates when her mom makes her eat kale, while Drex likes reading, art museums and podcasts.

Priced from $70 to $90, the entire Fluff Squad collection is available to shop now at, Ugg retail locations and select wholesalers worldwide.

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