7 Compression Socks & Tights to Take You Through Every Day of the Week

Compression Socks CEP Sockwell Think

When you think of compression legwear, you probably imagine those “nude” tights that were the color of no human being’s actual skin, and were so stiff they could be pierced with a fork and never run. (Don’t ask how I know that.)

But these are not those old tights.

Legwear brands have come a long way with their compression socks and hosiery. Today, there are plenty of cute, fashionable options that still offer all the same wellness benefits.

Made with strong elastics, graduated-compression legwear squeezes tightest at the ankle with reduced pressure at the top, in order to increase blood flow in the legs. It is often recommended for diabetics, pregnant women and people with circulatory issues, but just about anyone can benefit from improved blood circulation, especially people who are on their feet during the day or are traveling on long plane rides.

Or just in everyday circumstances, the legwear can help increase energy overall and reduce stress.

Below are eight styles to take you through the work day, the weekend and even into the gym.

Monday: Dr. Motion Compression Knee-Highs

These mild compression socks from Dr. Motion come in a colorful argyle print, as well as other patterns including stripes, polka dots and animal prints. Never have the “Mondays” again.

Dr. Motion Compression Socks Dr. Motion Mild Compression Knee-Highs Courtesy of Target

Tuesday: Item M6 Opaque Compression Tights

For allover coverage, German brand Item M6 specializes in high-quality fashion tights with medical-grade compression capabilities.

Item M6 Compression Tights Item M6 Opaque Compression Tights Courtesy of Bloomingdale's

Wednesday: Comfortiva Compression Sock 3-Pack

Comfortiva recently debuted its line of compression socks, which are available in multi-packs with a range of colors. And if you really want to shake up Hump Day, mix and match.

Comfortiva Compression Socks Comfortiva Compression Sock 3-Pack Courtesy of Zappos

Thursday: Sockwell Twister Compression Socks

For those looking for socks with a tighter compression, measuring 20-30 mmHg, try this striped style from Sockwell.

Sockwell Compression Socks Sockwell Twister Graduated Compression Socks Courtesy of Amazon

Friday: Therafirm Moderate Compression Stockings

Fans of thigh-highs will enjoy this look from Therafirm, featuring moderate compression of 20-30 mmHg. It’s just the thing to take you through that last work day and into the evening.

Therafirm Compression Stockings Therafirm Moderate Compression Stockings Courtesy of Amazon

Saturday: Think Medical Gradient Compression Socks

Think Medical’s mild-compression, high-calf style comes in a festive candy cane-esque pattern, as well as many other colorful prints.

Think Medical Compression Socks Think Medical Gradient Compression Socks Courtesy of Amazon

Sunday: Vim & Vigr Wool Compression Socks

This wool argyle style from Vim & Vigr is a warm and cozy option for lounging around the house or getting outdoors.

Vim & Vigr Compression Socks Vim & Vigr Wool Compression Socks Courtesy of Amazon

Bonus: CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Socks

And for athletes, the CEP brand is the leader in compression running socks, such as this style that comes in pink and black, black and gray, and a vivid teal and pink.

CEP Compression Socks CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Socks Courtesy of Backcountry