11 Stylish New York Commuters Weigh In on Their Wear-to-Work Style

When it comes to commuting in style, New Yorkers are seasoned at the task. From trudging through rain and snowstorms or enduring freezing winter weather, there is an art form to picking out the best shoes for traveling to work.

Some individuals work in an environment that allows them to wear the same comfortable shoes from their commute into the office. Others must change into a dressier option when they step into the workplace.

Footwear News photographed 11 stylish New Yorkers walking along their commute and asked them to weigh in on their wear-to-work style.

new york, commuter, street style Tira Urquhart chose Yeezy sneakers for her commute. Nia Groce

Tira Urquhart is an associate fashion editor working in Manhattan, and she noted that wearing comfortable shoes to and from work is the usual drill. On this particular day, Urquhart sported Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 sneakers to her office, where she would then change into black leather booties by Kendall + Kylie. Her bright red coat popped against the orange detail of the shoes.

new york, commuter, street style Tira Urquhart wears Yeezy Boost 350 V2 sneakers on her commute. Nia Groce

Copywriter Kelsey Nguyen works in a casual environment that doesn’t require ultra-dressy footwear. She typically commutes in the same shoes that she will wear at work but likes them to have “a little bit of height.” She paired her heeled Sam Edelman booties with a black beret and varsity jacket for casual-chic work attire.

new york, commuter, street style Kelsey Nguyen wears Sam Edelman boots on her commute. Nia Groce

As an entrepreneur who runs Glazed NYC, an accessories brand that she co-founded, Banna Gebremichael is free to wear whatever she is inspired by each day. Opting for a mix of comfort and style, she paired her fluffy fur coat with black Timberland boots for this cold-day commute.

new york, commuter, street style Banna wears comfortable shoes to work every day, like these Timberland boots. Nia Groce

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