Shoe of the Day: A New Take on the Brogue by Topman

Topman Men's Spring 2018
Topman men's spring '18
Courtesy Photo

For spring ’18, Topman offered a new take on classic men’s brogues, updating them in bright red or white glossy leather and adding lace-up panels that blended masculine and feminine references.

Topman Men's Spring 2018 Topman men’s spring ’18 Courtesy Photo

In fact, the brand’s aim for its new range was to explore the meaning of “the new British masculinity” and to do so it enlisted video artists, photographers, poets and filmmakers. That group included such names as Nick Offord, Max Wallis, The Rhythm Method and Ben Cullen Williams, who were tasked with lending their creative eye to the design process.

The result was an off-kilter lineup that was strongly influenced by the extravagance of the Eighties and boys with “a don’t care attitude and fashion spirit,” the kind who would mix of-the-moment sportswear with traditional balloon pants and tailored cropped jackets. The same boys who wouldn’t shy away from wearing colored eyeshadow or glitter hair paint.

Topman Men's Spring 2018 Topman men’s spring ’18 Courtesy Photo

Patent leather brogues were matched with printed tracksuits, while futurist metallic styles were worn with costume-y capes, oversized tailored trousers and bright-colored socks. The contrast created plenty of visual impact and highlighted the blurring of the lines between the traditional notions of masculinity.