Coach 1941’s Fall Show Featured Chic Glamping Gear

Call it glamping gear. Creative director Stuart Vevers debuted his latest coed collection for Coach at New York Fashion Week today. The fall ’17 show continued the brand’s new spunky look with rugged-meets-chic takes on outdoorsy fashion looks a city girl would wear if tasked with the idea of a weekend nature retreat. To set the scene, the set featured a faux prairie landscape with dusty dirt road.

Coach Ready to Wear Fall 2017 Coach fall ’17 collection. REX Shutterstock

Of course, there was tons of shearling. Coach has become somewhat obsessed with the cozy material lately, using it throughout collections for the past few seasons. For fall, Vevers showed shearling-lined suede coats and lumberjack plaid dresses, continuing the comfort factor down to the sneakers with shearling trims and chunky lug soles (they even had rubber boot toecaps).

急ぎでお金を借りる キャッシング
1 year
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Coach Ready to Wear Fall 2017 Coach fall ’17 collection. REX Shutterstock

There was a real emphasis on outerwear overall, something that brand has transitioned from simple leather pieces to bolder, statement must-haves. While Coach has indeed succeeded in grabbing the new, younger customer — starlets like Selena Gomez and Emma Roberts sat front row — the question is where will the brand go from here? The continuity of Vevers’ collections are crystal clear, but the millennial set gets notoriously bored — they need a new look, and often. Maybe something other than shearling for once.

Coach Ready to Wear Fall 2017 Coach fall ’17 collection. REX Shutterstock

But back to the theme. Vevers also played up the essential shoes for lounging by a campfire: Birkenstock-style slide sandals. He did them in leather and fur, with hefty flatform soles and crystal buckles to boot. Paired with his floral print dresses and varsity satin jackets, it certainly made for a sweet look to try while toasting marshmallows.

To view the full collection, click through the gallery.

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