Anine Bing Celebrates Her Brand’s 5-Year Anniversary

Anine Bing
Anine Bing
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Anine Bing remembers being a little girl trying to create her own scent with rose leaves and water, and now she has the real thing. The designer, whose brand marked its 5-year anniversary in June, continues to expand with a fragrance launch.

“I was sitting and mixing maybe 30 different notes,” Bing told FN inside her New York City store. “I wanted to do rose but something a little more masculine, so I added some black pepper and musk.”

Anine Bing Anine Bing Courtesy image

Hitting shelves on Aug. 23, the perfume oil, named Savage Rose, is suited for women on the go. “Rose was too pretty. I wanted it to be soft but with a little edge to it,” she added, regarding its name.

Along with the fragrance, the brand will expand its popular lingerie collection with more colors and prints — offering items that work for layering and providing a sense of luxury at a fair price point.

Bing looked back on her journey and the continuing success of her core collection: “I wasn’t expecting this. I started out of my garage in Silver Lake, [Calif.], with boxes on the floor,” she said. “The studded Charlie boots were the first shoes I designed, and those got me on the map. I got into stores, a couple celebrities started to wear the designs, and now five years later we have nine stores around the world.”

Anine Bing Anine Bing Courtesy image

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