Nicole Richie Shares Her Creative Process & What Keeps Her Happy In Hollywood

Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie
Shane McCauley

Between juggling motherhood and a new role on the Tina Fey-produced comedy series “Great News” (debuting April 25 on NBC), Nicole Richie has a full dance card. But fashion remains a priority for this notoriously funny woman, who is equally regarded for her ability to pull off a vintage Dior dress and land a salty joke with aplomb.

Her latest venture is a partnership with e-commerce site Revolve on monthly mini-collections of her House of Harlow 1960 womenswear collection. While on set in Los Angeles (with her dog Iro), Richie shared more of her style and career insights with Footwear News.

Nicole Richie Nicole Richie lounging at her workspace Hills Penthouse in West Hollywood, wearing Sarah Flint Gravati oxfords, House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve dress and a Jennifer Fisher necklace. Shane McCauley.

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When working on a new collection, what is your creative process?
“Our family travels all year. In every city, I am constantly taking photos. I carry a camera in my purse — yes, a real camera. Whether it’s a color palette, a texture or a print, I find inspiration everywhere. It’s constant for me. I am always fueling the creative process.”

How has your style evolved since your label launched in 2009?
“My core philosophy in life and style has always been the same: to have fun, express myself and encourage other women to be true to themselves as well.”

Who influences you from a business, career and style perspective?
“I am surrounded by inspirational women. I was raised in L.A. It is a vibrant, ever-changing place. I look to women throughout time that have dressed to make themselves happy rather than look to trends.”

Let’s talk shoes: What do you look for?
“I have to say that I really do consider comfort. I love oxfords and classic Converse. I appreciate beautiful shoes from Valentino, Aquazzura, Giuseppe Zanotti, but it’s not about the designer. Shoes are a place to have fun and be eccentric.”

When you are dressing for a big event, what are some of your secrets?
“Well, I am very lucky to be able to work with my friends. The people who do my hair, makeup and styling are some of my nearest and dearest. We play New Kids on the Block and go wild. After a few dances and trying on different outfits, we decide together as girlfriends — even though some of them are guys.”

What keeps you happy, healthy and inspired in L.A.?
“I always feel healthy after a hike with friends. I am never happier than after a day with my kids, and I find myself being inspired by the diversity and excitement of Los Angeles.”

What is one thing nobody should leave Los Angeles without experiencing?
“A drive down Mulholland.”