Melania Trump Surprises Kids With Easter Baskets in $1,200 Sparkling Ladylike Sandals

Melania Trump easter Rene Caovilla sandals
Melania Trump wears Rene Caovilla sandals.
Courtesy of Melania Trump.

Melania Trump’s jaunt today to Palm Beach, Fla., for a Mar-a-Lago Easter weekend retreat included plenty of surprises.

The first lady made an unannounced visit to children at HomeSafe, an organization that supports victims of abuse and domestic violence in Lake Worth, and she made a return to Twitter after a week-long absence.

melania trump Rene Caovilla sandals shoes homesafe first lady pedicure feet easter Melania Trump wears Rene Caovilla sandals and presents Easter baskets to children at HomeSafe in Lake Worth, Fla. Courtesy of Melania Trump.

For the occasion, Melania made a departure from her go-to Christian Louboutin pumps and stepped out with sparkle — in Rene Caovilla sandals.

The Italian label’s Strass Karung embellished sandals featured crystal-beaded cutout detailing, snakeskin material, an adjustable ankle-wrap strap, and a glittery outsole. The d’Orsay style sandals were an apt choice for the sunny getaway.

melania trump Rene Caovilla sandals shoes homesafe first lady pedicure feet easter Melania Trump wears Rene Caovilla sandals and presents Easter baskets to children at HomeSafe in Lake Worth, Fla. Courtesy of Melania Trump.

Other design details include cutouts around the open-toe band straps, which highlighted her red pedicure, and a 3.5-inch covered block heel.

The shoes retail for $1,150 on

Rene Caovilla Strass Karung sandals Rene Caovilla’s Strass Karung embellished sandals; $1,150; . Courtesy of Nordstrom.

The former model gave a motivational speech to the young girls and presented Easter baskets and stuffed bunnies.

“I’m here to support you and help you,” she said. “I want to encourage you, and do whatever I can to help you achieve your dreams.”

The organization houses 40 boys and seven girls in the facility.

On Twitter she added: “The young ladies I spoke with hold so much promise for the future.”

No doubt the children will weigh heavily on her mind on Easter as she enjoys a holiday meal and restful time amid the terra-cotta-roofed Mar-a-Lago, which boasts sweeping oceanfront views nearly 11 miles away.

Melania shared on Twitter that she’s “looking forward to hosting the annual Easter Egg Roll at the @WhiteHouse on Monday!” when she returns with President Donald Trump the day after the holiday.

Meanwhile, the commander-in-chief was enjoying a game of golf after arriving at Mar-a-Lago earlier in the day.

74 thoughts on “Melania Trump Surprises Kids With Easter Baskets in $1,200 Sparkling Ladylike Sandals

  1. Did she pay for them or did my tax dollars pay for them. You need to get off her back about everything she does. It’s time to suck it up and accept that she is with the winner.

      1. What about Mrs. Obama? Her husband came into office with no fortune. Michelle initally could not buy the luxury good Melania could.

      2. Dody Winston April 15, 2017 at 11:14 am
        What about Mrs. Obama? Her husband came into office with no fortune. Michelle initally could not buy the luxury good Melania could.

        Really 2 effing attorneys? They had money. Don’t go excusing their ignorance with ur stupidity

      3. Net worth, barack obama $12. Million, and michelle obama $11.8 million. Between the two of them $33.8 million, how the hell are they poor?

      4. Justme…Michelle might have had money but little taste. Remember her visit to Westminster Abby in shorts? OMG No one criticized her style although it was questionable

    1. Note to Kaylala…get off a footwear webpage if you find no value in the reporting. The rest of us enjoy this news.

    1. Then you both should have come up with an idea or worked at a profession that would have provided you with a lifestyle you dreamed of. America is a land of opportunity. Apparently you did not get the memo.
      No sympathy.

    2. Sorry to hear of your situation – but America is the land of opportunity, meaning you have the opportunity to come up with a way to make money based on finding out what it is people really want and selling it to or otherwise providing it for them – it’s called Capitalism.

      What this country IS NOT is the land of handouts. Nor should it be, lest we end up like Venezuela. Since you were able to post on this website, I assume you have access to the internet – please take time to look up Venezuela’s plight based on handouts. That was where Obama was taking us. Pretty soon the handouts are no more.

      I don’t make a lot right now, and am also struggling financially, but would not be so shallow to engage in bitterness about people who worked hard to make a lot of money. I say good for them.

  2. Come on people. This is a footwear site and you complain that they shouldn’t talk about footwear? Like rich people should be wearing PicandPay shoes. They don’t need our money. I don’t care for the Trumps but right is right and wrong is wrong. Cute shoes too.

  3. Oh please. Pull the stick out of your fannys, crabby people. We’ve been talking about First Lady’s style since Martha Washington. Quit acting like you’re above it all. It’s a site about footwear.
    And please. SHE PAID FOR THEM. HER HUSBAND IS A BILLIONAIRE. You people are so simple. Good grief.

  4. Yes and Trump is a con artist. That’s how he makes his fortune. Anyway at least Michelle Obama did the job as First Lady. And the Obamas did not cost the taxpayers 24 million in 3 months. She

  5. It’s not that you’re talking about footwear it’s that you’re insulting President Trump and the first lady. He earned his money, why begrudge him? Successful people are happy for other successful people.Obama entered office with a couple of million and left with 10 million. I can assure you, Michelle is just as fond of nice things as Mrs. Trump. You all would be, too, if you had their money.

  6. OK People: I did not vote for her husband. However, the lady showed up with Easter Baskets for the children. That is a good thing Why did you need to keep going on about her shoes? That is mean.

  7. She only did this to look like she gives a damn about less fortunate kids, since she is leaving thousands disappointed they won’t have the annual White House Easter Egg Hunt on Easter. She needs a vacation from her golden tower first! The shoes aren’t bad, but she’s just going PR here. Nothing more, and nothing much.

    1. Poor Ana. Your envy is truly sad. Did you bitch about Michelle Obama’s hideous $540 sneakers she wore to the food bank?
      An article on Mrs. Trump’s gorgeous sandals would be no big deal. This whine fest over your inability to not hate rich people is ridiculous.

    2. Ana – you are a truly sad and hateful person. I also have to wonder, along with texasslant, if you cared quite so much about Michelle Obama’s overpriced footwear?

      I think we all know the answer is “NO”

      As for “Shoe News” – bad taste in insulting the FLOTUS. The girls were obviously excited about her visit – why rain on their parade?

      Because you are jerks…?

  8. The White House Easter egg hunt is NEVER on Easter Sunday. Get your facts straight before you condemn people. You know nothing of her heart, only of your own bitterness.

  9. God damn she is so fake… Who goes to an event like that or to read books to children stressed like they are going clubbing or going to a photoshoot???? Come on!!!
    Good God!! It takes hours and a professional manner up team to”paint”get into what she looks like… How ugly she must be that needs that much time to look like THAT??
    GAAH… BARF!! Glad I’m not American… And our first lady like a million times better and not fake…

    1. Really AN?

      Because casual wear is so wrong? Where do you live that simple white pants and a button down top are for clubbing? I have no doubt that she does her own make-up and… she is dressed very modest. Are you from burka land?

  10. The author of this article is petty and childish. The Clinton’s were “broke” when they left the White House, Sanders was handsomely rewarded for letting his own party undermine him, and the Obama’s aren’t exactly living in the ghetto. Shame on you for missing the bigger story here.

  11. How disgusting to try and poison something so sweet. Did you do this when Michelle was FLOTUS? Do you really think the Obama’s are dirt poor? Grow up and stop acting like kindergarteners.

  12. Nothing but a bunch of jealous idiots who want to diss anyone who is an actual success vs a “wanna be” success! The Trumps have given up a wonderful life for a pro bono attempt to put the horrific world Obama left us back together and all you people do is attack! Get a life and give this wonderful and highly successful family a chance or go out and try and do it yourself. When was the last time you visited a center such as the one Melania did! I love successful people vs the drains on this society and I loved her shoes! What a great incentive to do as well and all you care about are her shoes instead of her purpose in rallying around these unfortunate girls! Pathetic!

  13. What have YOU done for these children Footwear News since you want to put the Trumps on blast. Pull the plank out of your own eye.

  14. I hope every wrote this article rots in hell. I am sure you would have lapped all over Queen Michael who wasted more of taxpayer money. Taxpayers bought Michael shoes The First Lady can afford her own
    Your paper jus trash

  15. She was dressed elegantly. I bet some of those young ladies looked at how she was dressed and took some hope that one day they could be like that, too. Bless her!

  16. Are you people so full of hate that you have to nitpick about everything they do? At least she is trying to bring some happiness to some kids who have nothing… get over yourselves and appreciate that she is there. Sheesh, people always looking for something to whine about…

  17. You guys are really low to attack her for this. I’m not a huge Trump fan and you don’t have to like him or their family…that’s fine, but when she does something nice, why do you have to be jerks about it. If she had made sure it got out into the media you would have said she was just doing it for the press. How sad that you have to take something like this and turn it into another class war attack. I’m sure your heroes like Hillary and Michelle Obama have $1000 pairs of shoes too. Would you have written the same story about them or do you talk about Bernie’s expensive houses or Chelsea’s 2 apartments in NY that are worth millions? Pretty hypocritical.

  18. She ca afford to wear 12,000 dollar sandals and there is not 1 thing you can do about it. She is married to one of the richest Men in the world. Get over yourself. Her salary doesnt come from no white house. It comes from all her hotels and casinos. They are not dead beats. They are rich working class Americans.

  19. Nice story except the subtle insults. I mean, why the nasty dig? I don’t think attacking Melania in any way is going to bring back the 53% white women who voted for Trump. Regular people don’t like that stuff. And people who attack a FLOTIS are super radical partisans full of hate.
    Just the shoes please.

  20. Your paper sucks no doubt Mrs Trump could give the clothes off her back and give all her money away and it would not be good enough for any of you self righteous idiots hypercrits.

  21. I wonder if you would have said a word if it was Michelle Obama. You left wrong liberals suck.

  22. I thought Footwear News was in the business of reporting on current fashion trends and promoting them??? NO??
    Since when would you be commenting on how much Melania paid for her shoes???? What does that have to do with Footwear News??? This is disgustingly hypocritical!!!! My family has been in the shoe business for 4 generations (manufacturing, jobbing & retail) and I’ve never seen such crap printed in a footwear magazine!!

  23. These sore-loser libs are so hate-filled they can’t see straight, takes a good deed and turns it into an attack. You sir are the reason Trump won, and will again. GFY.

  24. Jealousy, envy, ugliness in people to find fault in everything Trump. She is a wealthy woman in her own right. Can you speak 5 languages? Just hateful. What empty souls

  25. I would like to know what and how much your company donated to abused children. Disparaging remarks are easy to make. It takes courage and grace to do what you believe in when so many petty but vicious attacks are directed at you. Congrats on driving us to your site by attacking a woman who lived with oppression in her home country. It is a shame your company treats her so shabbily in ours.

  26. Hey Dody Winston – Michelle DID afford luxury goods when she got into office. The difference is that Michelle used our tax dollars to pay for it while Melania DOES NOT.

    I think you are just looking for offense where none is given.

  27. BTW – why IS a shoe website reporting on FLOTUS visit to a shelter for abused girls? Would the shoe site have reported on the story if Melania had shown up in KMART sneakers? Or perhaps they would have found a way to rip on her for that too.

    HOW ABOUT your silly shoe website report on SHOES, and WITHOUT snarky personal comments, or else just STFU? Leave the nastiness to CNN.

  28. She purchases her clothing and shoes and everything else, with the Trump’s money.Not OUR tax money!
    All of our taxes, were spent on the Obamas, and their multi million dollar vacations world wide,..Michelle, always bringing along an entourage of friends ,extended family , etc. No expense was spared … they vacationed a bit too often if you ask me.
    . When it came to spending our money,the Obamas spent it with wild abandon..
    When are people going to get that, the Trump’s already HAVE their own money.
    They don’t need to spend our taxes on their vacations, clothing and personal things etc, .
    He even brought his own plane along to office!!!…
    So for when you want to critique our first lady, for dressing beautifully at all occasions, maybe WE should take a cue or 2 from her,.
    She’s beautifully put together , even if this is her casual out fit.!! Big deal about her sandals. Theyre gourgeous! She spent her money on them,not ours..Her whole casual outfit is beautiful !
    Were they trying to say she’s over dressed for the afternoon? That’s bs…
    Maybe young people will be encouraged to take pride in their appearance..
    . .Not everyone is rich,but, if you hit the second hand stores, you can dress better,than from walmart…and cost less money too…I shop the second hand stores all the time.I have people tell me I always look fabulous, and where do I find my unique beautiful things..
    WE should take some personal lessons from her and emulate her more.
    Most of the country dress like dirtbags.
    Seriously,do you see the way people dress and go out into public today.?!
    some homeless people even dress better!.
    Most people are too lazy to even get out of their pajamas and slippers to go out..,
    Come on people,we can do better!
    You might want to remember a few things, about our first lady, who makes micheelle look like even more of the dog she is…
    She speaks 5 languages fluently, has a genius i.q., had her own career,and money before she married into the Trump family.She’s a great mom, and has placed her son and family first.
    She’s gives to charities privately,world wide.
    I think she’s one of the best women to grace the white house since Jacky..

  29. It seems you are implying that you are implying that she will quickly forget about these children as soon as she gets to the Mar-A-Lago in her expensive shoes. If so, shame on you.

  30. While commenting on M Trump’s sandals may be on keeping with your magazine’s focus, the snarky comments are uncalled for. I assume you suppose because someone has money, they have no soul? Despicable.

  31. Would you have preferred her to go barefoot?! This is so shallow. Trump supporters BOYCOTT this site!

  32. What else the left has to bitch about. Democrats get over it we don’t want communism. Melania go buy another pair with Trump change. Unlike Michelle my bell I’ll spent the tax $ since I’m married to Allah O.

  33. Dems Unite don’t let these Repubtards sway you – Malania is racist for whereing those shoes!
    It makes me sick to see rich people peetend to care. sick sick.

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