Fashion Experts Say Melania Trump Should Never Wear This Style Again

Over the years, Melania Trump honed her style savvy early on the runway as a model and as Donald Trump’s companion at red carpets.

But in her role as first lady, the 46-year-old has made a few missteps, some fashion industry observers shared on Friday during CNN’s documentary special “Melania Trump: The Making of a First Lady.”

melania trump derek lam sweater sheer see-through bra Melania Trump wears a sheer Derek Lam sweater and Christian Louboutin pumps at a Super Bowl party with President Donald Trump. REX Shutterstock.

Debbie dore
3 months
Have the "fashion gods" critiqued Michelle Obama's cut off shorts on the beach in the Bahamas!!?? Melanie...
Mona Skelton
3 months
Class is something you know nothing about, cupcake.
3 months
SLC, Very good points. I just wish they could understand how hating Dems isn't going to help...

“You see her undergoing a crash course in first lady 101,” fashion director Vanessa Friedman said on the program. One of Melania’s most high-profile fashion fumbles was on Feb. 5 when she stepped out for a Super Bowl party wearing a semi-sheer light blue Derek Lam sweater that she teamed with white trousers and matching Christian Louboutin pumps.

“The Derek Lam sweater when photographed was slightly sheer — that’s a little racy for a first lady and probably wasn’t intentional,” Friedman explained.

Melania Trump givenchy red dress christian louboutin flats Melania Trump wears a red Givenchy dress with matching Christian Louboutin suede flats. REX Shutterstock.

While the widely seen photo was a boost for the American designer’s brand, Melania’s penchant for European labels presents a conflict with President Trump’s message of supporting American businesses.

When she and the president jetted to Florida for their first weekend away since Inauguration Day, the timing would’ve been an ideal opportunity to wear an American design, Friedman added.

“The red dress … they hadn’t thought through what it might say wearing Givenchy, which is a French brand, in her first public appearance after her husband stood on the steps of the Capitol and said my first rule is buy American,” she said.

Akie Abe Solasofia christian louboutin flats melania trump japanese garden Melania Trump (right) wears a ribbed maxi dress and nude Christian Louboutin “Solasofia” flats during a tour of Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens with Akie Abe, wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. REX Shutterstock.

However, Melania did manage to make a different kind of style statement: She’s fond of flats, too. The model is a fan of Christian Louboutin’s soaring So Kate pumps, but for the jaunt to their Mar-a-Lago private club, she teamed the Givenchy shift dress with pointed-toe Christian Louboutin flats. The Solasofia style in red suede retails for $595.

The mother to Barron, one of President Trump’s five children, has worn American designers such as Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren in the past. In fact, on Inauguration Day she was clad in a powder blue Ralph Lauren suit with matching gloves and pumps.

karen pence dress boots melania trump inauguration Left to right: Melania Trump in powder blue heels, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Karen Pence, wearing Impo’s “Oriel” boots ($69.90), on Inauguration Day. REX Shutterstock.

“It was a knockout, but I couldn’t walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in those stilettos, however,” said Kati Marton, author of “Hidden Power: Presidential Marriages That Shaped Our History.”

Some of Melania’s other sleek moments that were a hit among the program’s commentators included her Dolce & Gabbana New Year’s Eve black cocktail dress, the white Inaugural Ball Hervé Pierre dress that she helped design and some looks on the campaign trail. The dress included a bright pink pussy bow Gucci blouse and a white Fendi hand-embroidered dress with mink and crystal detail that she reportedly bought herself on Net-a-Porter.

Melania Donald Trump Inauguration Melania and Donald Trump on inauguration night. REX Shutterstock

Overall, Melania’s style reflects her individuality, and observers aren’t expecting fashion statements that are relatable to the everyday woman.

“The kinds of brands she wears are labels of achievement and aspiration — the kind you wear when you want to show that you’ve arrived,” Friedman said. “I don’t think the promise of the Trump administration is about being every woman.”

donald trump melania mar-a-lago President-elect Donald Trump and Melania Trump attend a New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla. REX Shutterstock.

First lady historian Carl Sferrazza Anthony said Melania’s unconventional approach to fashion is a sign of strength and independence. “Melania Trump is, to my imagination, emerging as rather a Mona Lisa of first ladies,” Anthony said. “Because it is by her appearance and her posture that she seems to signal a strong impression; it’s a centered quality. It’s an independent quality.”

Click here to see more of Melania’s fashion statements featured in the documentary.

Watch the CNN documentary special below:

33 thoughts on “Fashion Experts Say Melania Trump Should Never Wear This Style Again

  1. Early on, I was totally down on her. I’ve rethought that observation & concluded that she’s as much of a victim as we (the American public) are with this whining bully who claims to be the commander in chief of our United States of America….We lose, America, we lose.

    1. OH that is just total BS!! She is a very strong, independent woman. Can you not relate to that? And President Trump is not whiny. Evidently you haven’t watched the snowflakes marching, rioting, and whining all over the USA and in every newspaper & TV station. The crying babies are you & the Libtards. Get over it cupcake, President Trump won the election…and Russia didn’t have a thing to do with it…we, the people voted for him.

      1. Absolutely agree. She has an obvious strong personality and deserves the respect that she hasn’t got from the shell-shocked Democrats.

      2. Agreed, Patricia! Too much hate and negativity from the left who can’t accept they lost the election.

      3. Patricia, can you not disagree with Sarah without sounding so vicious and lacking in any sort of humility or kindness? People have different points of view and we should be able to have disagreements and civil discourse without attacks and name-calling.

      4. One more thing, Patricia. You’re tone sounds quite angry and mean-spirited. Crystal down there writes about too much hate and negativity coming from the left, but it comes from the right as well. You sound hateful and negative. And I am a centrist…neither far left or far I have no dog in this fight other than to stand up for civility.

      5. Not taking away From Melania, but she’s not an independent woman, she’s a dependent one. On her husband. She may have earned modeling money back in the day, but that was long ago and was never Giselle money.

        Melania is also a plagiarizer. Let’s not forget she straight up stole the words from an accomplished and Ivy League educated attorney, Michelle Obama. Anyone can hire a stylist and make up person.

  2. People should worry about are country. She look great so stop knowing her. Is that all we have to about when their is so much more important things going on. Leave her enjoy life. I think you look super.

  3. Gisele Bundchen, Patriots’ QB Tom Brady’s wife, was also wearing a pale blue semi-sheer top on Superbowl Sunday. I thought FLOTUS Melania was signaling support with her semi-sheer Derek Lam.

    Did CNN note the symbolic tribute to Israel with her Lagerfeld custom couture on Mar 15?
    Lagerfeld had blasted Galliano in 2013 for anti-Semitism.

    Kudos to Footwear News.

    1. And nearly everything she wears reflects that. She usually looks like she uses “sexy” as her dressing mantra, and she succeeds in a cheap, tacky, inelegant way. I do appreciate, though, that she at least wears clothing in public…so far. When the approval ratings of her purchaser Trumplethinskin bottom out, she may be instructed to change that policy.

      1. Eugenia and machspeedemon and any other haters: jealous much? You only wish you looked a tiny bit as beautiful as our FLOTUS looks. Grow up and quit judging and being negative. You sound like mean high-school girls.She is beautiful , intelligent and classy and nothing you say can change those facts.

  4. I am not a fashion expert. Just a 70 year old man with a lot of memories. Melanie Trump always looks like a First Lady. She reminds me of Jackie Kennedy. I and many others are fed up with the unfounded criticisms of our President and First Lady.

    1. I find it totally hypocritical when Repub’s whine that everyone should cut Trump, and his obviously inept group of billionaires, some slack. They say it’s un-american for the Democrat’s to be “obstructionists​” by not jumping on the Trump bandwagon on its way to destroying our government, while taking our Demoracy with it!! Just how short is the Repub’s memories?? On day one of President Obama’s​ administration, Mitch McConnell stood in front of the country and said that the Republican Party’s “only” job over the next 4 yrs was to make sure President Obama was a one term President. They obstructed everything the Obama administration attempted to do to help the American people recover from the Bush/Repub recession that destroy our economy, and bankrupted half the country. And if that wasn’t un-american, what is?? The Republicans invented obstructionism, but the Democrat’s are going to prefect it!! And have you all forgot the horrible criticism of Michelle Obama for daring to wear sleeveless dresses?? She was called a whore, classless, and a discrase to the country, for showing her arm’s!! But the hypocritical Republicans see nothing wrong with President Pussy Grabber, and his porn star wife. You know that old saying “paybacks a bitch”?? Well, the bitch is back, and she’s pissed!! Hope you all enjoy the next 4 years…

      1. I have a very brief response to your too long rant….Trump is president so feel free to leave. Michelle was too busy packing for vacations to so anything for the country.

      2. SLC, Very good points. I just wish they could understand how hating Dems isn’t going to help the working class.

  5. Really? You don’t have nothing better to write about? Melania looks smashing in whatever she puts on!
    Grace, femininity, elegance. Very refreshing after previous first lady.
    Show some respect, even you hate her husband.

    1. I think she deserves the same type of “respect” that Republicans gave Michelle Obama. And Michelle Obama is a respectful, classy woman, with high moral standards. Can anyone say the same for President Pussy Grabber, and his porn star wife??

      1. She has been on the front cover, half naked…So many photos on-line Google her, if DT didn’t have them taken down.

    2. Ella you got nerve disrespecting the previous FLOTUS. You want someone to respect , Melania, who did pose nude in several magazine. Learn how to practice due diligence, research your facts. You and most of the Republicans are going to lose your healthcare. Rather we agree or disagree every American should have healthcare. U just hope you can understand that 1 important fact. I know you can help others understand that the Republicans are taking away Medicaid & Medicare for the seniors.

  6. Let her wear who she wants, she’s very classy and besides, the American snowflakes don’t want to dress her!!

  7. How hypocritical that Melania wears such sleazy clothes, and Michelle took so much heat because she wore a classic black sleeveless dress. Class is learned and earned. Money alone can’t buy it.

  8. Melania Trump, is no mono ilisa she’s a soft porn star. A immigrant, which her xeniphobic husband holds distain towards. Melania is not a real everyday woman she’s a billionaire & her husband alleges he is a billionaire. I don’t think she inspires middle class women to look up to her, the ‘working” class could never in a lifetime afford her “style” they only can dream.

  9. Have the “fashion gods” critiqued Michelle Obama’s cut off shorts on the beach in the Bahamas!!??
    Melanie is a lovely woman- leave her alone!
    Most of the people commenting are just plain jealous!!

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