Rapper Chanel West Coast Brings Her Sexy Style to VH1’s ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’

chanel west coast
Chanel West Coast
Courtesy of Chanel West Coast

Chanel West Coast has a song devoted to Karl Lagerfeld, name-drops Jimmy Choo and turns out sizzling music videos wearing a range of labels, from skyscraper Christian Louboutins to Chuck Taylor kicks.

For the past nine seasons, the 28-year-old has been the co-host for MTV’s “Ridiculousness,” but now she’s making bigger waves with her music career and taking fans along for the journey as the new cast member of VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.” The reality series, now in its fourth season, also features R&B singers Keyshia Cole and Ray J, airing Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

chanel west coast, fashion, shoes, heels, giuseppe zanotti crystal Chanel West Coast’s favorite Giuseppe Zanotti heels with crystal detail. Courtesy of Chanel West Coast

The entertainer tells Footwear News that she plans to show fans plenty of fashion and hip-hop, but no romance. “I don’t have any love on the show — so I guess my love interest is my music, so you’ll see that,” she said. “I’ve always been a relationship type of person, but guys are a**holes. I think it’s a sign from god to focus on my career 100 percent instead of focusing on a relationship. I’ve had my share of crazy boyfriends, and I feel that people who talk about private stuff in public is crazy.”

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Below, Chanel West Coast shares her favorite shoe styles and more.

“You can expect a lot of different outfits because I’m trying to bring it. I took time to plan ahead — I have a ton [of outfits] just waiting to film scenes in. But not a lot of logos because there are none allowed on the show.”

“My crystal-studded Giuseppes. They are just super-feminine and sexy. I picked them.”

“Gwen Stefani. She’s been my style idol all my life. She’s just always been dope.”

“I’d have to say my 5-inch Louboutins. No height is too high for me because I’m short.”

“I have shoes for every occasion and type of outing. Some days I’m wearing my Jordan retro high-tops or my cute Beavis & Butthead Dr. Martens. As far as heels, I love Giuseppe, Louboutin and especially Jimmy Choo because they have my size.”

“I like to wear sexier stuff that I wouldn’t wear down the street. I like to be extra sexy and be out there and different. Recently I wore this see-through holographic hoodie with just a bikini with my booty showing. It got comments and likes. I’m into holographic stuff. That was something sexy.”

“I wear a lot of sneakers during the day — maybe wedges by the pool. I’m always in Converse or Vans. I kind of have a shoe fetish and a whole separate closet. Converse sneakers are my go-to shoes. They go with everything.”

“I wear a size 5 and have petite, skinny feet, so a lot of shoes that have ankle straps don’t fit me. And a lot of boots look ridiculous on my ankles.

“For designer heels, Net-a-Porter is good, and they have the best return policy. They’ll take back anything. When I’m here [in L.A.] I get help — I have a personal stylist — but at the end of the day, I pick [the shoes] out. I get anxiety when I’m shopping. When I have the time, I go around Beverly Hills, and everything is there.”

“There are times that I won’t look at comments the whole month. That incident with Charlamagne went viral online, so I feel like it’s important to respond online. As a celebrity, people think you’re not human and they say mean things as if they’re talking to a wall, but every now and then I have to remind people … people say rude sh*t, so I need to respond to them and teach them how to act.”

“I have a lot of Louboutins that are expensive, but my favorite pair are Giuseppes with diamonds hanging on the side. I can’t remember how much they cost.”