Marc Fisher Footwear Snaps Up the Easy Spirit Brand

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Easy Spirit shoes.
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Marc Fisher Footwear Co. is toasting the new year with some high-powered deal-making.

The New York-based footwear firm — which already lists Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Kendall + Kylie and Ivanka Trump among the brands in its portfolio — told FN today it has purchased women’s comfort brand Easy Spirit from Nine West Holdings.

The addition of the 35-year-old brand is a homecoming of sorts for company founder and 30-plus-year shoe industry veteran Marc Fisher, who worked with the Easy Spirit during his time at Nine West, the company co-founded by his father, Jerome Fisher.

Sheila Lambert
3 months
I agree totally! I have worn Easy Spirit for over 20 years, and all at once you...
Ange Marigol
4 months
I loved ezspirit but lately they don't seem to be made the same. Not true to size...
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6 months

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be working with the Easy Spirit brand again,” Marc Fisher said in a statement. “With our expertise in design and sourcing combined with my past experience working with the brand, we are confident that we can further expand the product assortment to a broader consumer market worldwide.”

Easy Spirit’s American heritage was among the brand’s selling points, noted Susan Itzkowitz, Marc Fisher Footwear president.

“With its authenticity, unique comfort technology and strong brand awareness, Easy Spirit further diversifies our portfolio and provides considerable opportunity for growth and increased expansion in the U.S. and international markets,” Itzkowitz said. “Our core competencies in design, sales, sourcing and marketing will enable us to maintain the essence of Easy Spirit while further developing and growing this wonderful brand.”

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

(Sycamore Partners LLC bought Nine West Holding’s parent company, Jones Group, in 2014 and split Nine West Holdings into four companies: Nine West, Anne Klein, Easy Spirit and NW Jewelry group.)

8 thoughts on “Marc Fisher Footwear Snaps Up the Easy Spirit Brand

  1. So, are they going to use steel shanks in the soles so people with flexible arches can walk without pain? I have not had a pair of shoes that worked since the 80’s when the shoe manufacturers sent the production out of the country, where they got rid of steel shanks, woman’s lathe, size A heel, and woman’s size 10 1/2. I need all those things for a decent pair of shoes to fit.

  2. 効果的なデオドラントを、全力で調査している方用に、私本人が現実に試してみて、「臭いが解消できた!」と確信できた製品を、ランキング一覧で提示させていただきます。

  3. I loved ezspirit but lately they don’t seem to be made the same. Not true to size or no two styles are sized the same. One size too small, next size up much too large. They need to get there act together. Whoever is making these shoes does not know what they are doing.

    1. I agree totally! I have worn Easy Spirit for over 20 years, and all at once you cannot find them. If you do find them….they will not fit they are not good quality and I cannot order on-line because they are either too big or too small or they will hurt your feet. I am tired of the trouble and the hunt. I have Fibromyalgia and Easy Spirit Traveltime shoes is all I can wear. Can you help?

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