Tkees Launches Marbleized Lily Sandals

tkees lily marble sandals
Tkees' Lily marbleized sandal.

Tkees took inspiration from an unlikely source for its latest range.

The minimalist footwear brand recently released its Lily sandal line featuring a marbled design.

Elevate your all black look with these Carrera-inspired beauties.

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Featuring cowhide leather upper and insole, and a rubber outside, the flip-flops retail for $68 online.

The footwear is available in black pepper and white pepper.

These are our office’s new favorite go-tos. Trust us, you’ll see what we mean.

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In a campaign for the new line, the sandals are featured among everyday office settings — seamlessly blending in among work-related supplies that share a similar color palette.

In June, the label released a Solids range of 24 colors, available for $50.