Tastemaker Marcus Troy Dishes On His 400+ Pairs of Shoes

Marcus Troy
Marcus Troy
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Montreal-based lifestyle blogger and fashion tastemaker Marcus Troy knows a thing or two about putting together a choice look.

Here, he gets candid with FN about his clean-and-classic shoe collection and why he misses the sneaker hunt.

Total pairs: “Maybe 450 or 500.”

Preferred aesthetic: “I like to describe it as classic. I’m not caught up in the hype about the latest Foamposites or LeBrons. My look is classic, nondescript and universal so that I can wear it with everything.”

Current go-to shoes: “This past week, I’ve only been wearing the Wings & Horns x New Balance collab. They’re all black and easy to wear. I recently for the first time bought three pairs of Common Projects. They haven’t shown up yet, but I’m really looking forward to wearing them.”

Unisex SneakersCommon Projects, $410. Courtesy Image

Most expensive: “In 2002, I was in London, and we were lost and looking for the A Bathing Ape store. There was no sign and we passed it a few times, and then when we found it, they were closed. The next day I went back and was so excited that I paid 125 pounds for their version of the Air Force 1. I didn’t realize until I got home that I’d paid like $300. That was unheard of then.”

Least expensive: “Probably some Vans or Converse that were maybe $50.”

Favorite non-sneaker styles: “This winter in Montreal, it was Timberland and Red Wing boots.”

Shoes I’m over: “We’ve seen so many people wear the Yeezys not in the level of style they deserve that it’s turned me off.”

Shoes on my wish list: “The Hender Schemes that look like a Jordan Air Force in tan.”

Hender SchemeHender Scheme Courtesy of brand.

Ideal collection: “I’m trying to get to a point where I have the perfect footwear collection, with just things that are classic, clean and timeless. So one or two boots, some Common Projects sneakers, Adidas running shoes — things like that. I think I can get my collection down to 15 to 20 pairs of the best shoes from the best brands.”

Donating plans: “I’m not into the reselling. I know there’s value, but I give a lot of shoes away. I met with Soles4Souls recently, and we’re going to connect to figure out how to help. I want to get to the kid who wants to play basketball but can’t because he doesn’t have the sneakers.”

Brotherly bonds: “My brother and I are twins, and growing up, my mom felt the need for us to have different things, so my brother and I never really learned to share. When we came of age to buy our own things, we’d buy two of them for each of us.”

Reebok Club CNaskademini and Marcus Troy in Reebok Club C sneakers and apparel. Courtesy of brand.

Shopping habits: “I shop when I travel mostly. I bought a pair of shoes in Berlin recently and in Tokyo. When I’m in Montreal or New York, I don’t do that much shopping. I have great friends at great brands who send me things.”

Drawbacks of the job: “After you get sent your first few pairs of shoes, the things you loved and coveted [about the brands are gone]. To me, you become numb. I appreciate people sending me things, but I used to enjoy times where I would have to hunt.”

Advice for sneaker lovers: “Wear things because you love them and not because you need to wear them because of the hype.”

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