Direct-to-Consumer Brand Kabaccha Is Using a Kickstarter Campaign to Expand

kabaccha Kabeer Arora
Kabeer Arora, founder of Kabaccha Shoes.
Courtesy of brand.

Footwear designer Kabeer Arora is on a mission to share his passion for color.

Arora, founder of Kabaccha, was raised in a family of footwear craftsmen. He honed his skills by studying shoe design in London and Italy, debuting his own direct-to-consumer online business in fall ’15 with fresh takes on classic looks.

“So many [brands] make the same black and brown shoes,” said Arora. “Color is my whole concept. It’s a vibrant expression of one’s personality.”

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Coupled with this, Arora said, he’s able to offer lightweight, comfort-driven Italian dress shoes at competitive prices by eliminating the middleman. His men’s line retails for under $300, with women’s shoes priced at under $275.

Now, Arora is reaching out to consumers via a Kickstarter campaign to help him fund the next phase of the business — a spring ’17 expansion of his men’s line and the addition of companion women’s styles. “Women should be multi-dimensional,” said Arora. “They don’t need only heels to be sexy.”

kabaccha men's wingtip Men’s wingtip with brogue detailing. Courtesy of brand.

The campaign, which kicked off on Oct. 20, has 36 days to go. For a pledge of $189, consumers can snag a single pair of shoes, while a pledge of $4,900 gets you the entire men’s collection. Delivery is slated for February 2017.

Currently, the men’s collection includes a wingtip and a tassel slip-on. Moving into spring, a driving moc will be added. For women, there will be a plain-toe laceup, a brogue wingtip and a driving moc.

kabaccha women's Kabaccha women’s driving moc. Courtesy of brand.

While the initial collection is focused on traditional styles, Arora plans to expand into athletics, bags and belts.

Kabaccha men's loafer Men’s loafer with tassel trim. Courtesy of brand.