OOfos Launches New Luxe Satin-Finish Clog Collection

oofos oocloog clog
OOfos' OOcloog satin-finish clog in teal.
Courtesy of OOfos.

Recovery footwear brand OOfos is adding a luxe touch to comfort.

The label released its women’s OOcloog Luxe clog collection featuring a new satin finish. Available in teal, graphite, and latte the shoes retail for $64.95 online.

oofos oocloog clog OOfos’ OOcloog satin-finish clog in latte. Courtesy of OOfos.

The footwear is designed to reduce stress on the feet, knees and lower back, and incorporates OOfoam technology that improves impact absorption.

The proprietary material utilizes a closed-cell foam material that is waterproof and has an impact absorption structure that relieves pressure and provides a natural-like feeling.

oofos oocloog clog OOfos’ OOcloog satin-finish clog in graphite. Courtesy of OOfos.

While OOfos is known for its slide and thong styles, the new silhouette and glossy design offers a work-and-play option for active women.

As a bonus, the footwear is moisture and bacteria resistant, which eliminates odors.

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