How Nike Incorporated Japanese Culture Into Tokyo’s NikeLab Location

NikeLab MA5 Tokyo
NikeLab MA5 Tokyo features innovative product and collaborative collections.
Courtesy of brand

After making its mark in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong, NikeLab will expand its global reach with its seventh location in Tokyo on Thursday.

In addition to bringing Nike’s most innovative products and exclusive collaborations to the streets of Tokyo, the brand pulled out all the stops to reference Japanese culture and traditions throughout the store, which is known as NikeLab MA5.

According to Nike, NikeLab MA5’s overarching theme is unifying nature and technology. To achieve this, the brand tapped Arthur Huang, founder of design firm Miniwiz, to weave storytelling throughout the store’s clothing racks, fitting rooms and even the floor, which makes use of recycled Nike Grind material.

NikeLab MA5 TokyoNikeLab MA5 Tokyo features elegant displays made with locally sourced wood. Courtesy of brand

In the store’s digitally-powered fitting rooms, Tatami mat floors are matched with locally sourced wood, which was also used to make the display cubes that show off some of the store’s most high-profile sneaker releases.

NikeLab MA5 will officially open its doors Thursday in Tokyo, but if you can’t make it, you can get a feel for what the store has to offer with these detailed images.

NikeLab MA5 TokyoNikeLab MA5 Tokyo is the first Japan location to offer the brand’s most cutting-edge products. Courtesy of brand
NikeLab MA5 TokyoA wide view of NikeLab MA5 Tokyo. Courtesy of brand
NikeLab MA5 TokyoThe ACG section at NikeLab MA5 Tokyo. Courtesy of brand
NikeLab MA5 TokyoNikeLab Gyakusou LunarEpic Flyknit on display at NikeLab MA5 Tokyo. Courtesy of brand
NikeLab MA5 TokyoA look at the NikeLab MA5 Tokyo storefront. Courtesy of brand