Why Dwyane Wade Wants Kevin Hart To Play Him In A Movie

Dwyane Wade Chicago Bulls
Dwyane Wade.
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The basketball pro opens up to FN about his must-have comfort food, dream superpower and why he’d choose Kevin Hart to portray him.

Music On Repeat Right Now:
“The ‘Hamilton’ soundtrack, DJ Khaled, Jay Z, Drake.”

Must-Have Comfort Food:
“My chef’s lasagna and burgers with fries. He’s been with me 10 years and knows exactly how to make them.”

Least-Favorite Basketball Drill:

Who Should Play Me In A Movie:
“Kevin Hart, because he has a great sense of humor.”

Kevin Hart CinemaCon 2016 Kevin Hart in black luxury sneakers at Cinemacon 2016. Rex/Shutterstock.

If I Had A Superpower:
“I would absorb other powers through touch, but I would not take a person’s power from them, just acquire the same one.”

Best Spot To Relax:
“I have built the perfect home: I have my man cave/office, theater room, massage room and home basketball court.”

Dwyane Wade House Aerial shot of Dwyane Wade’s & Gabrielle Union’s house. Youtube.

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