Drake Teases Solid Gold OVO X Air Jordan 10 Sneakers

drake ovo air jordan 10 senna
Drake's OVO x Air Jordan 10 gold sneakers.

Drake has struck gold with his latest sneaker collaboration.

The rapper shared on Sunday an image of his forthcoming OVO x Air Jordan 10 sneakers designed in solid gold by artist Matthew Senna, captioning, “These weigh 100 pounds.”

#studyOVO 1/1 for señor @champagnepapi #sennamade #theseweigh100pounds 📸 @cinco.studio

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Senna confirmed on Instagram that the sneakers were commissioned by Drake and are 24-karat gold.

According to current prices, 100 pounds of 24-karat gold could be worth more than $1.9 million.

In May, the entertainer shared images of OVO xAir Jordan 6 Lows on Instagram but mysteriously deleted the snaps.

Drake signed with Nike in 2013, and one of his earliest projects was a OVO x Jordan 10 sample pack that he posted on Instagram.

Solid Gold OVO 10's @jumpman23 #SennaMade #TheseWeigh100Pounds

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