‘Damn Daniel’ Viral Video Boosts Sales Of White Vans

damn daniel lara josh holz ellen
"Damn Daniel" viral sensations Joshua Holz (L) and Daniel Lara wore Vans to the 2016 MTV Movie Awards.

Daniel sold a lot of Damn shoes for Vans.

In a conference call on Friday, Vans’ parent company VF Corp. credited the “Damn Daniel” viral video for helping to boost sales in the 2016 first-quarter.

White Vans were sold out at retail stores after the meme became a hit, president and chief operating officer Steve Rendle said.

“Well done, Daniel, well done,” he added.

Daniel Lara's slip-on white Vans. Daniel Lara’s slip-on white Vans. Rex

The brand saw a 20 percent increase in direct-to-consumer sales and 30 percent jump in online sales.

In February, Daniel Lara catapulted to e-fame after his friend Josh Holz, 16, filmed Lara’s outfits daily on Snapchat and name-dropped his slip-on white Vans, wryly adding, “Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with the white Vans.”

The video has received more than 45 million views and landed the teens a guest spot on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where Lara received a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers.

VF Corp. reported that its first-quarter were in line with predictions.