These 24K-Gold Crocodile-Skin Sneakers Will Set You Back $20,000

APL 24K Crocodile Skin Sneakers
The 24K-gold crocodile-skin sneakers were unveiled at the Level Shoes event during Sole DXB.
Courtesy of brand

While luxury-designer sneakers are far from a new phenomenon, one athletic brand has just raised the bar on grandeur with a 24K-gold, hand-painted, crocodile-skin sneaker that’s priced at a cool $20,000.

The pricey pair of kicks is the doing of Athletic Propulsion Labs, better known as APL. As a favorite of the entire Kardashian clan, APL is no stranger to high-profile sneaker releases, but the brand’s latest creation may be its most ambitious undertaking yet.

The 24K-gold shoes were unveiled over the weekend during the Level Shoes event at Dubai’s Sole DXB footwear fair, which also featured exclusive product from The Shoe Surgeon and Filling Pieces.

APL 24K Crocodile Skin Sneakers APL’s crocodile-skin sneakers are hand-painted with 24K gold. Courtesy of brand

According to Adam and Ryan Goldston, co-founders of APL, bringing these luxe sneakers to life was an arduous two-year process. “This is an exciting introduction for us because it shows we can create product that sits at the very top of the market in terms of price and quality. This shoe is the epitome of luxury performance, and we’re glad to introduce something the world hasn’t seen before,” the brothers told Forbes.

You won’t be able to simply saunter into a store and pick up a pair. They’re made to order and take up to 12 weeks to fulfill. The brand plans to sell them on soon.

APL 24K Crocodile Skin Sneakers APL’s 24K-gold crocodile-skin sneakers retail for $20,000. Courtesy of brand
APL 24K Crocodile Skin Sneakers APL’s 24K-gold crocodile-skin sneakers are made to order, with an estimated wait time of 12 weeks. Courtesy of brand