Air Jordans, Chucks And More Iconic Shoes Redesigned In One-Line Illustrations

converse chuck taylor art illustration
Converse Chuck Taylor illustration.
Differantly Design Studio

There’s a fine line — specifically, one single line — between some of the most iconic sneaker brands.

French artists from design studio Differantly have interpreted classic footwear in abstract one-line illustrations.

nike air jordan art illustration Nike Air Jordan illustration. Differantly Design Studio

Memorable kicks such as Air Jordan, Sam Smith, Chuck Taylor, Reebok Classic, Vans Authentic and more are simplified with whimsical and clever re-envisioning.

The line-art illustrations in the series include a Converse Chuck Taylor shoe stylized as part of a spaghetti dinner, a pair of Nike Air Max caught in a spiderweb and a pair of Air Jordans designed as helium-filled balloons held by a string.

Click here to view the drawings at the design studio’s website.

nike air jordan art illustration Nike Air Jordans. Differantly Design Studio