Why These Dirty, Old Nikes Are Selling for More Than $6,000

Nike Moon Shoe 1972
This first generation Nike Moon Shoe was handmade in 1972.

A pair of vintage Nikes owned by Jordan Geller — the man famous for holding the Guinness World Record for largest sneaker collection — is fast-approaching a five-figure sale at auction.

The pricey pair is a first-generation Nike Moon Shoe (aka Waffle Racer) from 1972, which featured the brand’s iconic waffle outsole famously conceptualized by co-founder Bill Bowerman over breakfast. The sneakers, which are said to be one of only a dozen handmade by Geoff Hollister, were worn by marathon runner Bruce Mortenson in the 1972 U.S. Olympic Trials. The Moon Shoe later served as the groundwork for the more refined Waffle Trainer in 1974.

Nike Moon Shoe 1972 The original Nike Moon Shoe is also known as the Waffle Racer due to its outsole, which was formed with a waffle iron. eBay

To manufacture the original 1972 Moon Shoe, Nike sourced nylon uppers from Japan and used rubber that was hand-cut in Eugene, Ore. According to Nike, “The hand-built shoes were dubbed the Moon Shoe due to the distinctive imprint they made in the dirt, which resembled the lunar footprints left behind by American astronauts during the era’s historic Apollo missions.”

Nearly 50 years later, the seminal shoes have made their way to eBay with many of their original components still intact, which Geller says is a rarity for the original Moon Shoes.

As of 1:30 p.m. ET today, bidding for these historic sneakers has reached $6,200 with more than 100 bids. There are still five days remaining in the auction. To place a bid, or to learn more about these rare shoes, visit eBay.

Nike Moon Shoe 1972 An original pair of Nike Moon Shoes from 1972. eBay
Nike Moon Shoe 1972 These 1972 Nike Moon Shoes were handmade by Geoff Hollister. eBay
Nike Moon Shoe 1972 According to Jordan Geller (owner of the ShoeZeum), only around a dozen pairs of first generation Nike Moon Shoes were produced. eBay
Nike Moon Shoe 1972 This pair of Nike Moon Shoes was worn by runner Bruce Mortenson. eBay

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