Model Caroline de Maigret Says These Three Shoes Will Take You Anywhere

Chanel's Caroline de Maigret on Her
Caroline de Maigret
Stéphane Feugère

Chanel ambassador Caroline de Maigret has just launched her own lifestyle portal, in partnership with Chanel. The platform, which went live Tuesday, features insight into her world with interviews, reviews of concerts, movies and exhibitions and behind-the-scene photographs, too. She will also be delving into the closets of famous friends and rooting out their key pieces.

The multi-tasking model/author/photographer, who also has her own music label, is especially excited about the site’s music channel for which she will interview celebrities.

“The idea was to say that style comes from who you are and how you feed yourself. It doesn’t come from the sky,” she observed during a launch event at Chanel’s Avenue Montaigne boutique, where she showcased her essential picks from the label’s current collection. “What makes up my style is the movies I see and the music I listen to, so I could not talk about fashion without all of that.”

For de Maigret, the capsule wardrobe is paramount when it comes to her style and this notion extends also, of course, to her footwear.

So what are her three must-have styles?

Caroline de Maigret. Caroline de Maigret REX/Shutterstock

“For sure I’ll have a pair of white trainers that I wear with everything in my life. Style for me defines who I am, and I’m always running around picking up my son from school and going to work, so I have a tendency to prioritize comfort.”

Caroline de Maigret. Caroline de Maigret REX/Shutterstock

“Also I need a black pair of high heels, but I’m not a very good walker in heels. Chanel does this really cool Salome heel with a low t-bar. They support the foot, but the t- bar is low so they don’t cut off your ankle. A high strap doesn’t work with my ankle – you have to be really skinny to ‘break a leg.’ ”

Caroline de Maigret. Caroline de Maigret. REX/Shutterstock

Her final choice is “a black Derby. I wear them with everything, as I love to dress in a masculine way. I think the androgynous look is beautiful.”